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Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup Call - Friday, 11/5/21 - International Animal Welfare Systems in Greece, Italy and Romania

  • 1.  Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup Call - Friday, 11/5/21 - International Animal Welfare Systems in Greece, Italy and Romania

    Posted 11-04-2021 02:54 PM
    UPDATED: 11/5/21 at 12pm PT - Full Agenda, Resources & Recording Now Available 

    • Welcome – Bobby Mann, American Pets Alive!
    Mary's Motivation – Last week we spoke about terms that are divisive – we are hardwired to look at the negative. November for her is gratitude month and she’s focusing on the terms that unite us rather than separate us. What are the things that bring us together that allow us to feel like we are kindred spirits?
    • ASV Covid Polls: Dr. Berliner (see poll results below)
    • National updates: No Friday meetings on November 12 or November 26.
     •  Looking Forward: The Future of Animal Welfare Dec 7-9 virtual.
    November 10:  Maddie’s Candid Conversation with Dr. Michael Blackwell
     •  HASS Get Involved
     •  Best Friends National Conference speaker proposals accepted through Nov 19th.  Please submit and share with your teams!
     •  Book suggestion:My Dog Always Eats First: Homeless People and Their Animals by Leslie Irvine
     • – Neighborhood Center in Camden, NJ Thanksgiving - The Neighborhood Center in Camden NJ has an event every year on 11/24, that provides everything families need for Thanksgiving, including a turkey. The serve 500 families every year and they’ve been doing this for close to 100 years! This year, thanks to RARF CARE and Purina, we’ll have cat and dog food available to every family as well. If you’d like to donate, please got to and mention “CAMDEN” in the notes.
     • Bobby Mann and Kristen Hassen are developing the 2022 agenda for these meetings – please send in your ideas
     • Silja Schiller-Moumtzidia, Global Shelters and Pet Adoptions Director, Mars Contact Silja:
     • Zero Stray Pawject Zero Stray Pawject
     • Dr. Ilaria Pesci, Regulatory and Scientific Manager, Royal Canine Italy
     • Mihaela Negrescu, Portfolio Manager Central Europe, Mars

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    We hope you'll join us tomorrow for the Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup where we will hear from three different international speakers on the call!

    We'll learn about the animal welfare system in three different European nations (Greece, Italy, and Romania) and how their systems, as well as their challenges, are both very similar to, yet different than, those in the U.S. and Canada. The presenters will share photos, stories, and most importantly, tell us about how animal welfare works where they live (or have lived).

    We'll first hear from Silja Schiller-Moumtzidia, the Global Shelters and Pet Adoptions Director for Mars who led rescue and advocacy efforts in Greece, and will share about a new law in Greece which requires pet owners to sterilize their pets or offer a DNA sample. We'll then turn to Ilaria Pesci, a veterinarian in Italy and the Regulatory and Scientific Manager for Royal Canine Italy about the animal welfare system in Italy and how animal welfare federations provide the national structure for animal welfare organizations. Finally, Mihaela Negrescu will tell us about animal welfare in Romania, where free-roaming dogs pose unique challenges for dog management.

    If you've ever wondered about how animal welfare differs in other nations, this is a great opportunity to learn more and to get ideas about how the U.S. can learn lessons from what is working in other countries.

    Hope you can be there for this first-ever international speakers Friday call! 

    Follow this link to register for the Zoom call


    Charlotte Otero
    Community Strategist at Maddie's Fund

  • 2.  RE: Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup Call - Friday, 11/5/21 - International Animal Welfare Systems in Greece, Italy and Romania

    Posted 11-05-2021 12:28 PM
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    Thanks to the 161 live attendees on today's call! You can access the recording here if you missed it or would like to share with a friend or coworker. 

    During the call, Dr. Berliner and Dr. Jefferson polled the audience with some questions about Covid-19. Results are below:
    Is your shelter intaking animals that have been exposed to COVID-19 in their home? And if so, how often?
    If you intake a COVID-19 exposed animal, does your shelter require a quarantine period for that animal?
    If your shelter does intake COVID-19 exposed animals and does quarantine these animals at intake, how long is the quarantine period?
    I've also attached a copy of the chat and resources shared, including some delicious looking recipes! 😋

    Charlotte Otero
    Community Strategist at Maddie's Fund