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    Posted 28 days ago
    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

    Hi all! I am in dire need of some guidance...I have been working at a place now for 3 yrs and when I started it was horrible, then got a little better, and is now plummeting again for so many reason. My first issue is that one of my jobs is rescue so first situation is that our place has a vet thing set up with a local pet store where the vet will do our cat surgeries for low cost, which is all well and good if we move them out fast but we really do not and then we are inundated with cats, so I am not allowed to get any cats to rescue, even though we are pretty much full right now! My 2nd issue is that we have a pregnant cat that I was going to get to surgery but we have a worker who wants to take the cat home to have it's babies and to please her they will let this happen, even though this is what we are fighting against. Then in a few weeks it will be that I am not doing my job because we have so many cats. We also knowing adopted out an owned animal. The son with mental problems came in and turned in a dog and we took it but we lied to the sister and other family member that we didn't have it and we vetted it and adopted it out. PLEASE HELP WITH SOME GUIDENCE ON WHAT TO DO....I AM LOSING MY MIND HERE!!!