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Alternative Canine Enrichment Programs-Capstone Project

  • 1.  Alternative Canine Enrichment Programs-Capstone Project

    Posted 09-30-2020 05:31 PM

    I'm currently working on my capstone project for my masters degree through UF Maddie's Shelter Medicine program. My project is on Alternative Canine Enrichment programs; which I'm defining as anything that gets dogs out of their kennels (i.e. playgroups, field trips, sleep overs, obedience training, etc). 

    I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has participated in or knows of any such programs. Such as details about the program, what worked, what could be improved on, benefits for the dogs/staff/community, pictures, resources, research, etc.  I would also love links to pages or social media sites that have pictures or information about your program. Please feel free to reply here, message me or even email me ( I would really appreciate it and it would help my project a lot (which is required to graduate)! 

    Thank you!

    (P.S. I posted this one other time on the site before the upgrade so the few replies I received can't be found now; so I apologize if you had replied to my original post).