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Maine rescue looking for transport partners who can provide vetting & transport

  • 1.  Maine rescue looking for transport partners who can provide vetting & transport

    Posted 03-28-2022 02:54 PM

    Good afternoon,

    I run Give a Dog a Home Rescue (formerly Give a Dog a Home, German Shepherd Dog Rescue, but changed name since we take all breeds now) located in Sebec, Maine, 04481, which is 3 hours from the NH/ME border. We are a 501c3, state of Maine registered Charity and state of Maine licenced Shelter/rescue.

    Up until June 2021, GaDaH was having a transport a month, with anything from 20-40 dogs. However, in June our adoptions just tanked and I still have a couple of dogs left here from that transport. Since we have pretty harsh winters in Maine, I decided to close the kennels over the winter and concentrate on the community programs we have set up.

    I am now looking to create a partnership with a shelter that is able to provide vetting and has funding for a transport program to Maine. 

    GaDaH has a kennel building on the property that has 16 kennels, there are two double "spare kennels"  over on the house side and I have communal areas in the house and in the kennel building (if need be) for small dogs and pups. I also have a great set up for a "maternity ward" for any pregnant dogs.

    In general, when the kennels were empty, I would take either 1 large dog per kennel, or 2 medium dogs per kennel and as many small dogs and pups as available. I also have a set up for cats and can take 5-6 kittens or young cats, I prefer no adults due to having to live alongside the cats here. I am hoping to change a room into a cat room - if there is a need. I have reached out to rescues in Maine to see if they would like to transfer cats to me, however, have come up against brick walls.

    Due to the lack of low cost clinics and it being expensive and difficult to get vetting done for a large number of dogs so vetting is needed to be done at the location before transport.

    State of Maine requirements are - core vaccines - two weeks prior to entering the state, lepto vaccine and rabies. 4dx is required with a HW negative result (unfortunately). Spay/neuter is required by the rescue unless pregnant. For cats - core vaccines & leuk testing and spay/neuter. Health Certificates are required.

    I prefer German Shepherds and working breed dogs for the large breeds - I tend to stay away from Pit Bulls/mixes, only because there is an abundance of them and they are hard to find homes for, thus spending a long time in the kennels and taking up space and holding up future transports. That being said, I do tend to take in, malnourished, demodex mange, obviously animals must be healthy enough to travel.

    GaDaH is unable to take in any dogs with long term medical issues or known behavioural issues. I live in a low income, rural community and help is sparse, I know my limitations and look to help take in dogs that I think are most likely to get adopted, in order to keep taking in more dogs. As most places, small dogs are in demand, we have a high senior population and a good amount of these people travel to the south in winter and take their pets with them. Puppies and young dogs of course are in demand also.

    I have an in-depth application and a contract where it states dogs must come back to the rescue should the adoption not work out. on 14 February 2022, GaDaH celebrated  11 year anniversary, starting in Texas in 2011 and moving to Maine in 2016, so I am more than understanding of the need for help in the south.

    GaDaH is a program affiliate with the Greater Good Rescue Bank and so always has an abundance of high quality dog and cat food since we run a Pet Pantry and order food by the truck load.  We are also partners with the Petco Foundation FREE vaccine campaign and have been busy in the community with that amazing campaign. Also, this summer we are planning to set up a mobile wellness clinic - with our volunteer licenced veterinary technician providing basic wellness to the low income, senior and disabled community.

    If anyone is interested in communicating to see if we can form a partnership - please reach out. I know not all shelters / rescue's have the ability to cover the costs, but we have a lot of repairs and work to get done on and around the rescue in order for us to keep going, and with the lack and drop in adoptions, no money in the bank unfortunately.

    We are able and hopeful to take a transport on or around 10th April 2022 if this is possible.

    I hope to hear from interested parties soon



    Jenny Cope - Fear Free Certified
    Give a Dog a Home, German Shepherd Dog Rescue
    501c3 Non- Profit Corp, Tax ID/EIN 27-5241306
    State of Maine Shelter/Rescue Licence # F1463
    State of Maine Registered Charity: CO11334