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HASS Field Services Job-Alike Meetings: Agenda, Recordings and Discussion

  • 1.  HASS Field Services Job-Alike Meetings: Agenda, Recordings and Discussion

    Posted 02-03-2022 07:50 AM

    Field Services Job-Alike meetings are for people interested in pet foster care. Everyone is welcome, whether or not you have a field services-related job!  You can register for the meetings here.  Once you finish registration, a screen will pop up that will allow you to save the meeting invite to your calendar. 

    This thread will be your destination for all updates and discussions related to the Field Services Job-Alike meetings. Before each meeting, we'll update this post with the agenda and speaker(s). After each meeting, this thread will be updated within 48 hours with the video recording, presentation slides and any resources that were shared during the call.

    We also hope that you will use this thread to continue the conversation with other job-alike members. If you think of something after the meeting that you'd like to share with the group or an idea for a future topic, share it with us here!

    Click the "Follow" button at the top right of the thread to be notified of new comments, recordings and to continue collaborating outside of our monthly meetings.

    Here are the topics we'll be discussing at our next few meetings:

    Feb 16, 2022 

    Speaker:   Eric Ridgway, LCPC, NCC, Counselor and Founder of the Human Connection.

    Bio: I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.  I am the founder and Clinical Director for The Human Connection, Inc. Located in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Our clinic has been established for over 30 years.  We are expanding to include Neurotherapy, which has been demonstrated to be helpful for PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and a number of other issues.  Neurotherapy is becoming more widely used with Veterans, professional athletes and others with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI's), and First Responders of different kinds. (Click Fere for Full Bio)



    Mar 2, 2022 
    Session Topic:  The Dunbar bite scale is the most widely used tool for classifying dog bites to humans. The scale has been very useful as it provides us with a common language when talking about bites. However,  the scale primarily focuses on wound pathology, the damage caused by the bite.   Because of limitations to the Dunbar scale, the Dog Bite Assessment Working Group met regularly during 2021 to develop an assessment tool that takes more than the damage caused by the bite into account.  Join Dr. Sheila Segurson and members of the NACA board as they discuss what this means for officers. 



    Mar 16, 2022 

    Session Speaker:  Gina Knepp, Michelson Found Animals
    Session Topic: Field Services does not have to be a thankless job. Officers across the country are stepping into the realm of pet reunification, resulting not only in keeping people and their pets together, but showing our communities what Officers really do and what they care about. Attendees will get a snapshot of tips and suggestions to make lost animal reunification easier, but also a broader understanding of why it is so important.


    Apr 6, 2022 
    Session Speaker:  Mike Wheeler, Director of Community Services - City of Cabot, Arkansas (abstract coming soon)


    Apr 20, 2022 - No Presentation (HSUS Conference) - Open Discussion Call


    May 4th, 2022 
    Session Topic:  Join Jerrica Owen from the National Animal Care and Control Association to hear about their plans for 2022. 


    May 25th, 2022 
    Session Topic:  Heidi Marston, Executive Director at Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority will be joining us to talk about homelessness in the United States. This will be followed by a discussion on the biggest barriers officers face in supporting the unhoused community. 


    Jun 8, 2022 
    Session Topic:  TBD


    Jun 22, 2022  
    Session Topic:  Janeé Boswell, Director of Education and Partnerships for Code 3 Associates will provide an overview of resources that Code 3 provides, including the animal control officer coalition, various training programs, and disaster response services.


    Bobby Mann
    Maddie's Human Animal Support Services Pilot Director
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