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    Posted 09-29-2020 11:25 AM
    I live in a town in Alabama where the shelter is unkept to change or improve. Dogs who are lost or stray may be posted, but not anyone will help by getting these dogs any help, but show a picture and where they are. I am already trying to figure out ways to get the shelter to improve, but I even have proof of dogs being there for over a year. They may post to a community page and that is all. Because the shelter is so run down the one who takes care and maintains the shelter will not give them blankets, toys, snacks. His reason is because of the items in up in the ungrated area where drainage is. So they only have a bed.

     While I am trying to get the main person to help in the shelter I want to be getting strays out on the street. I need some small amount of funding. A small chain link fence for them to be in. Not a whole lot at this moment. Then a small enclosure so they are not in the outside element during heat or cold. Because I am not with any rescue group or anything I am trying to find out where I can go to get help as an individual. The money would be kept in a separate account than my own, with all receipts to where the money goes too. I will accept anyone who wants to see where the money goes, and all function of rescuing these dogs to dates, welfare and how I attempt to find the owners and how I will at times find a new owner that is able and wants to add a new member to their family.
     All I have ever found was if you are a 501 nonprofit. I will do all that is needed to prove this is upon everything that is necessary to do so. So does anyone know where to go for help, or who could possibly help me fund this to stop the senseless suffering of these dogs? Thank you for even taking the time to read. My email is  elliemiagirls2@gmail  and my cell phone is 245-738-1701

    Alison Buchanan