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  • Hello We Foster Challenge Participants! We want to give a huge ‘thanks’ to everyone for implementing new or expanded foster programs in this Challenge! Just a reminder that your Participation Reports are due tomorrow, Tuesday, 6/14/22 at 5pm Pacific Time. If you haven't already, please log into your grants portal account. You can find the report on your Grantee Dashboard, under Reports and Open Items. If you select "Edit" from the drop down arrow to the right of the report, you can complete and submit read more

  • We don't cover costs or provide meds for owned animals - it's caused hurt feelings a couple of times, but. a) That's not our animal, so the treatments our supervising vet allows us to give to our rescue animals can't be given to a foster's personal pets; b) Huge liability for you. Covering the cost of a round of doxy once or twice is pretty minor, but what happens when their pet gets a more serious injury or illness? Depending on where they take the pet for treatment, that can be hundreds to read more

  • We don't have funding to cover medical costs of the personal pets if they become ill or injured by one of our foster animals. We've recently had a 6 month old puppy develop URI signs a few days after going into foster. We began treatment on the pup but then a couple days later, the foster's personal pet exhibited URI signs. She wanted us to cover costs or see and treat her dog but we don't have the resources to do that. I wish we could start some sort of fund to help with such costs. Or costs that read more

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    For our home visits check list we do a landlord check for those renting i.e. apartments to ensure they're allowed to have a cat/ more than one. Since covid and if a distance away from foster, we've been doing virtual visits of a simple tour of the home to ensure the environment is safe for a pet. This also offers an opportunity for the potential adopters to show off their set up for a new feline and to ask any questions they may have. We also require that any owned pets be current on needed vaccinations read more

  • Honestly we have been using double programs as well. We use Petpoint as our shelter management software but have always relied heavily on Microsoft Access to manage our foster volunteers. I have really like using Microsoft Access as it makes all the information easy to access, allows you to find and filter volunteers easily, track what animals they have fostered and what animals are currently out in foster care. My organization is having us slowly transition to relying on Petpoint to manage our foster read more

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