2022 Open Arms Challenge

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 This Challenge is all about opening our hearts and minds to more accessible and inclusive practices.

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  • Misty, WOW! What a revelation! That's so smart. Of course pets are going to understand the language from the home they were living in more than a new language! ------------------------------ Kelly Clardy Maddie's Fund ------------------------------ See More

  • During the challenge, we made plans on expanding our communications to another language to help community members feel more at home when filling out forms, etc. The Ah ha! Moment came when we realized we could do that with the dogs and cats too. We are now paying attention to the language spoken in the ... See More

  • Hello Open Arms Challenge Participants! Thank you to everyone who participated in the Open Arms Challenge and opened your arms and hearts to more adopters, volunteers and community members! We know it was hard work, and we appreciate you! Now we want to know: did you have an "Aha Moment" during this ... See More

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    Open Arms Participation Reports

    Hello Challenge Participants! We understand many organizations are experiencing a variety of challenges right now due to the pandemic. We appreciate everything you're doing, and we're happy to work with you. If you need additional time to complete your Participation Report, please reach out to our ... See More

  • Hello Open Arms Challenge Participants! I wanted to say thank you to everyone for opening their hearts and minds to more accessible and inclusive practices and joining us in this Challenge! Just a reminder that your Participation Reports are due this Friday, 1/21/22 at 5pm Pacific Time. If you haven't ... See More

  • Wow - thanks for the history lesson Amy! I love that even in an area with a history of intolerance, your organization is working to be more inclusive! And way to use your personal connections with your sister and community connections with the language program! It's really cool to see so many organizations ... See More

  • Continued. . . Teen boys were set afloat. Many Acadians died at sea. Of those who survived a few came ashore all along the eastern seaboard but a majority of them did not step foot on land until they got to the coast of the Louisiana Purchase. The land was deserted and warm, full of native animals ... See More

  • Hi groupees, Thank you for the positive feedback on my project. The French originally settled in the coastal region of Louisiana during what was called "Le Grande Derangement", essentially they had come to the western Atlantic shore of Canada to seek sanctuary from the French government to be ... See More

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    RE: Language Translations

    Thanks so much for sharing Amy! ------------------------------ Amber Eby Maddie's Fund ------------------------------ See More

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