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  • 1.  Agreements with City's

    Posted 04-04-2024 07:46 AM

    Hello everyone. We are a small rural non profit shelter. We are the only rescue in our county. We have several cities in the county. Do any of you have agreements or contracts with cities that you work with and what kind of agreement/contract do you have. We have 2 cities that just give a set donation monthly, but recently we are being called to help with more than just strays. We have limited kennel space and just for example we are being asked by one city to take 5 for abandonment/cruelty. Any suggestions or help in any way is appreciated.


    Trina Earl
    Doniphan County Pet Rescue

  • 2.  RE: Agreements with City's

    Posted 04-14-2024 11:21 AM

    There is no seperate animal control function in our city or county. We are the only shelter in our county. We researched government contracts in the past and decided against a contract that would pay an annual  lump sum for all civil intakes. What has worked well is a fee per head per day arrangement for strays.If unclaimed after 7 days the stray becomes ours and the authority is charge 7 days boarding.We have a  area with 4 stalls for the police or sheriff to use after hours. We also impound for civil cases like bite cases, abuse/ neglect, arrests pending kin to come get pet, deaths pending kin to come get pet,etc .We provide for any urgent vet care when necessary. If no owner or owner defaults on the expenses, the authorities get billed for these cases too. It is up to them then to levy a fine to re-coup their payment to us. This system has worked  well for many years in our community.The authorities get sheltering services for a minimal expense and we maintain control of the numbers. Lots of information out there on this subject.

    Rochelle Hamp
    Executive Director
    Headwaters Animal Shelter