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Alternatives to Abandonment / Death

  • 1.  Alternatives to Abandonment / Death

    Posted 11-28-2022 09:20 AM

    Our rescue just saved a dog that was tied to a tree in the woods and left to die. He is now in our care and having seizures. ABC13 news is covering his story now. His name is Gray.
    Whats sad? This is not the first time, and sadly will not be the last. People either feel they have no choice or they feel hatred to result in this choice. Human babies have the option of safe haven. For those of you who don't know - Safe Haven allows the parent to drop the child off at fire stations securely. This allows the child to be placed into the state and the parents not be named. sadly the pet population is too high to allow something like this. BUT when they are turned away from shelters cause even they are full, what then? Couldn't we create a system that links all the rescues and shelters to help find those who have space available for each dog as they come? Most shelters network on social media. Which works but is a guessing game if someone will see it and step up. However, if we had a system in place to show who is local and available to take the dogs - would that help? It may provide more alternatives than to abandon animals and leave them to suffer and die. Again my idea is - create a system for rescues and shelters to communicate and allow people on it to see where is available to take in dogs. I would be interested in jumpstarting but has to raise lots of interest. This would be a 2-way system. One for the shelters and rescues to post room and fosters available. The second for those looking to find a home for strays that have wondered up or force surrender. Resources for those needing food for their pets or even spay/neuter funds also listed. This can help reduce owner surrenders as well. I want people to feel that when a shelter is full - it is NOT A last resort to abandonment. I want shelter and rescues to not feel overwhelmed when they have a large intake come in. I want there to be a start somewhere to lead to a better futures. So dogs like Grey don't endure the pain like he has.
    I am hoping this post will cover the expenses the rescue has racked up. I am also hoping one day to start this system. 

    I am also aware that the population is VERY high and most shelters are full. Also spay/neuter isn't offered free everywhere.
    We have to start somewhere. Let's start with Grey and build from there.


    Kelly Davis
    Rescue volunteer/Foster
    All About Animals Rescue & Transport