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An App for tracking resources in an area?

  • 1.  An App for tracking resources in an area?

    Posted 05-12-2024 11:27 PM

    Curious if anyone knows of an app that's available for tracking rescues, shelters, fosters, etc., by area?  TI would love to see an app where I could post a reported lost or abandoned animal, where it was last seen or picked up from, auto sends to local registered vets, shelters, etc., and those registered could respond with quick click that they are available to scan for chip or can arrange foster, veterinarian care, etc.  I see all these groups working independently and no one really knows if or when the animal gets help.  But it would also be nice to include have an area for non-homeless animals and where caregivers could seek help for medical bills (altering, urgent care, or vaccines, etc.), temporary care while hospitalized, domestic violence temporary shelter, etc.  Facebook is currently the media source used in my area by several animal groups.  It so confusing on who is or isn't trying to assist, full of rude and snarky responses and shaming, etc. and recently plenty of false postings for harmed animals needing immediate funding or they'll die.  Ugh, so many spammers.  Hoping there's something out there or someone with skills to build it.


    Deana Riley
    Riley's Rescue/Overpopulation Activist
    Ephrata, WA