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August Resource Drive: Field Services and Public Safety Resources

  • 1.  August Resource Drive: Field Services and Public Safety Resources

    Posted 08-01-2022 09:01 AM

    The focus for our August 2022 resource drive is FIELD SERVICES AND PUBLIC SAFETY!

    Animal Control Officer holding two chihuahuasLet’s face it, animal field services professionals have an incredibly difficult job. They are in the community every day working as animal control officers, humane investigators, outreach staff, community cat trappers and provide a variety of other services. They are a vital connection between the people in your community and the services government agencies provide.

    HASS embraces a One Health approach which means the health of animals is tied to the health of people and the environment. When animal services focus on addressing root causes that lead to public safety issues, provide resources to keep dogs safely in their yards, and put a high priority on swiftly resolving situations that put people and pets in danger, the community will be safer.” - Human Animal Support Services

    Help us provide field service professionals with the resources they need to be successful!

    You Can Participate In Two Ways:

    1. Upload/Share Field Services and Public Safety Resources on this thread
    2. Reply with a request for a specific Field Services and Public Safety resource YOU NEED

    What Type of Resources Should You Share?

    • Educational Training for Animal Care Officers (Orientations, Online Trainings, etc.)
    • Checklists ACOs can use in the field (ex: field services return to owner checklist)
    • Example job descriptions for animal control officers or related animal protection positions
    • Safe handling or community engagement strategies & tips

    Where Will All the Field Services & Public Safety Resources be Stored? How do I view them? 

    All field services and public safety resources will be accessible in the Field Services Resources folder in Maddie's Pet Forum Library 

    Share & You’ll Be Entered To Win $50

    Everyone who uploads a file, shares a resource on this thread or replies with information about field services and public safety during the month of August will be entered to win a $50 gift card to Amazon, Petco or PetSmart (winner's choice).  Start sharing now!

    *Pro Tips for sharing resources: 

    • Use the "Upload File" button when replying to this thread to attach a file. We encourage you to attach the file versus hyperlinking to the file whenever possible. Files that are attached to discussion threads are automatically added to the Maddie's Pet Forum Resource Library so attaching helps make the resource searchable and improves accessibility within the forum.
    • Yes, you can share resources that your organization did not create. Sharing is caring and this applies to resources too! Make sure the creator allows the resource to be shared publicly and be sure to give credit to the creator or source organization.


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