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Behavior help for pets of the unhoused

  • 1.  Behavior help for pets of the unhoused

    Posted 20 days ago

    I am a trainer and work with two different organizations that offer free vet care for pets of the unhoused. I provide behavior services and gears for safety. Most of these folks are transient so I don't get to see them multiple times making training challenging. Some of the chief complaints are pull on leash, barking and jumping.  While I can talk to the guardians one on one on how to deal with these issues, I feel that some kind of handouts might be helpful. I don't want the handout to be lengthly, maybe the size of a postcard with some helpful tips on handling these issues. I love to hear some creative suggestions from everyone or if you have worked with this demographics.  I want to help but don't want to incumbent them with more things.  Thanks in advance. 


    Julielani Chang
    The Life of Kai: Compassion Connections Inc.
    Davis CA