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Best Friend National COnference

  • 1.  Best Friend National COnference

    Posted 08-15-2022 09:09 AM

    Best Friend National Conference

    I recently attended the Best Friend National Conference for the first time. I have attended a couple of conferences, but none were as eye-opening as this conference. The mission of shelters is to help their city residents, especially the animals.  For all shelters to become a no-kill shelter is a task that will need help from everyone. At this conference, I became intrigued by what we could do to help the animals and the public. One thing that intrigued me was the help of the animals that have what society calls behavior issues. Since animals can not speak, all we can do is interpret body language. We must try and change this body language by working with them, which takes time. Each culture has its ways of taking care of its animals, and as a society, we need to educate and help our residents understand the city ordinance and state laws. With behavior, this is a significant task, and by helping these animals and training their behavior, we can save more animals.

    I am doing this by taking a BFNC course at SNN, which has helped me learn more about my job and the needs of shelter and mine. I believe we can help these animals marked with behavior issues and give them a second chance for life. 


    Field Manager
    Dallas Animal Services