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Best Friends ELC Cohort 7 is BEST Cohort ever!

  • 1.  Best Friends ELC Cohort 7 is BEST Cohort ever!

    Posted 07-31-2022 07:03 PM
    @was honored to attend the Best Friends National Conference and am currently taking courses with Southern Utah University to hopefully get my Masters. I am learning so much along the way and it has been overwhelming but very inspiring. I have been in animal sheltering for 13 years and am just amazed at the improvements in this field that we have made together. Animal sheltering 2022 is definitely different than it was in 1922, 1962, 1982, 2002! And thank goodness for that.

    Perspective is a big takeaway for me from this experience that I hope to implement in my every day dealings. Sometimes it is very easy to get frustrated with the slow pace of change leading to burnout, but, having perspective and celebrating the victories keep us going and help us make it through those more difficult days. This is something I can control in my day to day and something I hope to model to my team.

    Pictured is my cohort 7 family from the Best Friends Exective Leadership Certification Program!

    Laura Baker
    Nashville Humane Association