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  • 1.  ByLaws revision Governance/Compliance/Resourcing vs Operations

    Posted 15 days ago
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    Our Board of Directors has been in crisis for several years.  Departures, "ghost members," etc.  Board recruiting over the past year has not been fruitful.  Our current bylaws say there will be 7 - 15 members; we've had no more than 4 for at least a year.  Now, the Board, none of whom has board experience with a non-profit or an animal shelter / humane society (except our acting President/Secretary who's been with us for a few years and volunteers semi-regularly)  has proposed new by-laws that I don't think I can live with.  One of these board members has been with us only since August, and the drafter of these new by-laws is resigning as soon as they vote on them to have her first child.  Some of the provisions intrude on operational matters, and some are simply not feasible, given our contracts, physical plant, staffing and volunteer base.  The Board has done nothing to resource the organization over the past year, excepting the sometimes in-kind donations when they pay for something important, but rather insignificant financially.  And of course, giving me ideas with no resources to execute them.  I'm looking for input that I can share with them from other EDs and Board members.  I've dedicated my life to this organization for the past 15 years, pro-bono, given blood sweat tears and very significant funds to enhance our operations, and serve our communities.  I'm at a loss.  And extremely tired.  I apologize for the document format.  It's what I was reluctantly provided digitally.  The clean version I got only in hard copy.  Thanks for your ideas and input.


    Crystal Swann Blackdeer
    Executive Director
    Leavenworth County Humane Society, Inc.
    Lansing KS

  • 2.  RE: ByLaws revision Governance/Compliance/Resourcing vs Operations

    Posted 14 days ago

    I believe Kansas has a state Association of Nonprofits. I would contact them to see if they have a program or consultants to help you. It's probably time for a knowledgeable third party to come in and work through the issues.

    brad shear
    Potter League for Animals

  • 3.  RE: ByLaws revision Governance/Compliance/Resourcing vs Operations

    Posted 14 days ago

    I feel your pain. I am so done with "boards" in general...I have struggled to get a truly committed, productive board for years. People agree to serve, then contribute nothing...I can't even get people to provide input upon a date/time to meet, much less anything else.  Do people agree to serve on boards simply so they can say they're "directors for such-and such"? I simply don't get it,. Maybe it's just society today.

    L.A Nesbitt
    Pets In Need Action League
    Casa Grande, AZ 85130