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Canine Science Symposium, May 20 & 21, San Francisco State University

  • 1.  Canine Science Symposium, May 20 & 21, San Francisco State University

    Posted 04-18-2023 12:03 PM
    A black dog with a ball in its mouth running on a beach near the Golden Gate Bridge
    Repeatedly ranked one of the Top 10 Animal Behavior and Dog Training Conferences of the Year, the 9th annual Canine Science Symposium is an information-packed two days of applied science that you do not want to miss! Created especially for animal sheltering and behavior and training professionals, the mission of the Symposium is to provide practitioners with information and interventions that will help them improve the welfare of dogs in their shelters and the behavior and training of dogs.

    For shelter-specific topics this year, we have talks on excessive arousal, behavioral phenotypes, fostering during the pandemic (with present-day takeaways), various types of short-term fostering programs, and One Welfare. For behavior and training talks, we have a sure-to-be engaging presentation on the effects of aversive control (in light of the potential electronic collar ban in SF) as well as applied behavior analysis in training & enrichment, social interaction as a reinforcer, communication & consent in training, and the role of mood and motivation in canine learning.

    Envisioned as a way to connect attendees with the science from the scientists as well as to bring together those working in sheltering & training, the Canine Science Symposium has in-person and, new this year, Zoom live streaming options. Because of our focus on animal sheltering, we strive to keep registration affordable. Our early bird registration ends April 30, 2023. For more details and to register, visit
    If you have any questions or would like to inquire about group registration rates, feel free to reach out to me. You can message me here or via email at

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    Lisa Gunter