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  • 1.  Community Conversations - 11/14/22 - Chapter VIII: Veterinary Inclusion & Intersectionality Initiative

    Posted 11-10-2022 04:20 PM
    Updated 11/15 at 10:07am - Recording now available to watch on-demand! Enter here for a chance to win Maddie’s Monthly Giveaway!
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    We hope you will join us on Monday, November 14th at 11am PT/2pm ET for our
    next Community Conversations call

    Our featured speaker will be Dr. @Serena Nayee Founder & Executive Director of Chapter VIII. Chapter VIII: Veterinary Inclusion and Intersectionality Initiative was founded in 2020 to empower underrepresented groups within veterinary medicine by way of advocacy, accessibility, and art. The organization aims to reach people who belong to multiple underrepresented or marginalized groups based on race, ethnicity, disability, class, gender, and sexuality. Identifying and understanding intersectionality of underrepresentation is integral to addressing systemic racism and understanding privilege within our profession and beyond. Knowledge on the spectrum of privilege affects our ability to provide access to the spectrum of care. To highlight these values, we seek to enhance equitable education and clinical care opportunities for underrepresented communities within and outside of the veterinary profession.
    Register here for our Monday Community Conversations:

    If you are unable to make it live, this thread will be updated with the recording, resources and presentation slides so you can watch and share whenever you'd like!

    If you're catching up on any previous calls this month, be sure to complete this entry form to enter to win a grant. You can enter to win each time you watch a recording in the month of November or when you join us live:


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  • 2.  RE: Community Conversations - 11/14/22 - Chapter VIII: Veterinary Inclusion & Intersectionality Initiative

    Posted 11-15-2022 08:30 AM
    Is there a link available to watch the replay of the call?

    Stacey Mach
    Grant Coordinator
    Sanilac County Humane Society

  • 3.  RE: Community Conversations - 11/14/22 - Chapter VIII: Veterinary Inclusion & Intersectionality Initiative

    Posted 11-15-2022 10:50 AM
    @Stacey Mach Here is the link to the recording:

    We'll get the resources and a copy of Dr. Serena Nayee's presentation posted shortly! Don't forget to complete this entry form after watching to enter to win a grant:

    Charlotte Otero
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  • 4.  RE: Community Conversations - 11/14/22 - Chapter VIII: Veterinary Inclusion & Intersectionality Initiative

    Posted 11-15-2022 01:25 PM
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    Thanks to the 217+ people who joined us live for this call! The recording is now available to watch on demand:

    Below you'll find a recap of the resources shared, highlights from the chat and a copy of Dr.@Serena Nayee's presentation slides. Be sure to complete this grant giveaway form if you're catching the reply or after joining us live:

    • Welcome from hosts
    • Question of the Day: What is your favorite holiday adoption promotion?
      • "We love Hounds for the Holidays... people can support a specific dog in care and any funds over and above the needs of that dog goes into general dog care. We also will be starting our Bidding for Good auction soon, and we will use the Hounds for the Holidays theme." - Mary Flores, from Sol Dog Lodge and Training Center and Arizona Heartfelt Hounds in Tucson AZ
      • "bake sale of creative dog treats" - Erin Falardo
      • "Holiday themed photos are great! Tend to bring in more people! Or not really holiday but fun names!!" - Jessica Hendrickson
      • "Good morning from Wonder Dog Ranch. Our best holiday promotion is our Santa Paws Project: fundraising for a contribution for a picture with a real live natural Santa who happens to be a dog breeder" - Brenda Trainor
      • "We did a Santa photos with pets where the people had to walk past the adoption floor to get to where the photos were taken. While they were waiting in line it gave them the opportunity to see the pets up for adoption and interact with them through the windows." - Candice Hinkle
      • "Right now we're doing a 30 days of giving where we ask for small but very needed items for the animals in the shelter and staff as well. We have photos with Santa scheduled for Dec 11th! Yay!" - Jill Gilbert
      • "We are planning to do a dog treat cooking competition. The cook off contest has volunteers and dogs who can come and make treats with their pets. Charging people to submit entries for the contest. Trying to explore this idea in December or early in January for "healthy pet" initiative. I work for Orlando Health and help raise funds for our pet therapy program and bringing animal assisted therapy for our patients. Putting dogs at work" - Harrison Porter
      • "We're participating in Home 4 the Holidays, $13 Black, Tortie, orange & Tux adoptions, waived fees on senior cats in November" - Kim White
      • "at our spay/neuter clinic we usually do a Nutcracker special :)" - Janeene Johnston

    National Updates

    ​Presentation: Chapter VIII: Veterinary Inclusion and Intersectionality Initiative
    Serena Nayee, DVM, Founder & Executive Director, Chapter VIII

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    Highlights from the chat
    • "#ThanksToMaddies for the $1000 grant for October. I'm president of the Tompkins Foundation for FeLV Advocacy. That money will be used to TNR community cats. Since most FeLV comes from cats fighting, mating, and having kittens, just getting cats spayed & neutered greatly reduces the chance of the virus spreading. #ThanksToMaddies for this generous gift!!" -Margaret Tompkins 
    • "Thank you for sharing the importance around mental health and the importance of carrying for those around us. As a loved one in the profession who took their life - I am grateful for advocates who work to provide systems of support for people in the space." - Harrison Porter
    • "Feeding Pets of the Homeless provides free veterinary care to pets that belong to people experiencing homelessness. We have over 1,400 active hospitals in our network across the country." -Genevieve Frederick 
    • "SurgiPet is here in Buford, GA providing low cost emergency surgery and dentistry. We are trying to be a better option than 'Economic Euthanasia'." -Stephanie Patterson 
    • "Amazing concept that addresses so many issues across our industry - thank you for this work!" -Mehnaz Aziz 
    • "Your work is amazing so glad you and Dr. Blackwell have been able to chat. I hope that our programs grow together." - Candice Hinkle
    • "This is giving me goosebumps! Yeah!" -Beth Caffrey
    • "Great work! I'm excited to see this develop!" -Jyothi Robertson
    • "This definitely overlaps w/part of my nonprofit. I'm working w/Atlanta University Center to start prevet clubs, and provide scholarships to diversity, and the Atlanta Dog Rescue Cafe works to provide education. I'm also working w/the assistance & police dogs." -Hope Winograd DVM
    • "Thank you for this, Dr. Serena! One of our One Health Clinics is located in a Youth and Young adults experiencing homelessness who are often BIPOC and/or LGTBQIA+TwoSpirit and they are very much interested in careers as vet techs (possibly seen as more attainable -as a first step- before DVM). Will be great to see how this gets implemented in Atlanta!" -Vickie Ramirez 

    Charlotte Otero
    Community Strategist at Maddie's Fund