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  • 1.  Community Conversations - 11/7/22 - Vets to Vets United

    Posted 11-03-2022 12:09 PM
    Updated 11/7/22 at 4:28pm PT: Recording is now available to watch on-demand! Enter here for a chance to win Maddie’s Monthly Giveaway!
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    We hope you will join us on Monday, November 7th at 11am PT/2pm ET for our 
    next Community Conversations call. Along with our featured presentation, we will be announcing the grant giveaway winners from October!

    On Monday 11/7, we will hear from Dr. Terry Morris and the incredible work she does through her organization, Vets to Vets United. Vets to Vets United is a non-profit organization created to unite veterans and dogs for a common goal: improving and saving lives. By pairing veterans with dogs, Vets to Vets United seeks to significantly improve a veteran's life by providing companionship and/or help with a mental or physical disability. In honor of Veterans Day on 11/11, we'll learn more about Vets to Vets United's partnerships with local shelters, universities, human services and the benefits of companion, therapeutic and service dogs for veterans.

    Register here for our Monday Community Conversations:

    If you are unable to make it live, this thread will be updated with the recording, resources and presentation slides so you can watch and share whenever you'd like!


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  • 2.  RE: Community Conversations - 11/7/22 - Vets to Vets United

    Posted 11-07-2022 05:07 PM
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    Thanks to the 223 people who joined us on today's call! The recording is now available to watch on-demand:
    After watching live or on-demand, be sure to complete this form to enter to win the November Grant Giveaway:

    Below you'll find a recap of the agenda, resources and the winners of the October grant giveaway! 

    National Updates

    Presentation: Vets to Vet United
    Highlights from the Chat:
    • Responses to question of the day: does your organization offer any programs for veterans?
      • "My local shelter has free adoptions for all veterans" - M S
      • "We participate in Pets for Patriots program." - Jill Gilbert
      • "SICSA doesn't have a year-round program, but we have a Community Veterinary Clinic (Access to Care) program, and in November we provide clinics at no-charge for veterans." - Jessie Sullivan
      • "Yes! Paws Unite People has a specific program, where Veterans are trained to train rescue dogs to help with PTSD. Then the veterans take the dogs into places with vets with PTSD. Voila. Rescue dogs rescuing veterans rescuing dogs." - Norma Wallace
      • "We do a discounted adoption and have dogs that go to the Patriot Dog Program in our area." - Becky Costner
      • "Our shelter waives the adoption fee for vets, and offers a free wellness checkup 1 year after adoption." - Katie Brown
      • "Homeward Pet has a program that provides fee waived adoptions for all who have served or are serving in any branch of the military." - Nanette McCann
      • "No established program yet but some of our volunteers will try to help disabled vets by doing house calls for vaccinations or spay and neuter for pets." - Jasmine Padilla
    • "Struggling with PTSD after serving 24 years in the Army, my dog is my life." - Steve Marrero
    • "I am with Pets for Vets and we are always looking for shelters that might have a prospective dog candidate for a third-party adoption - our assessment is quite stringent, however. I’d be happy to chat with anyone about our program if you PM me. We provide mostly companion dogs, fully trained." - Skye Anderson
    • "Your father is SO PROUD of you. Such a loving legacy. Great respect." - Norma Wallace
    • "As a veteran this is an amazing service and thank you!" - Paul Ramon


    Charlotte Otero
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  • 3.  RE: Community Conversations - 11/7/22 - Vets to Vets United

    Posted 12-13-2022 12:41 PM
    I would like to thank Maddie's Pet Forum for giving me the opportunity to share our Veteran service/animal rescue ministry with their audience and for all that you to to help our precious furbabies and humans as well.

    I would also like to thank all who attended the presentation for your sharing your time, comments, questions and for all that you do personally and as organizations to help both animals and humans.  The work that we all do is truly lifesaving in ways for both.

    I would like to address our use of temperament testing or behavioral assessments to screen dogs for partnership with Veterans enrolled in our program.  It is vital for us to use a screening method to increase the likelihood of providing the best outcome for both the dogs and Veterans. Though we (our charity) must use behavior assessment for screening shelter dogs to be placed with a population of people already suffering from emotional disabilities for the benefit, protection and well-being of both the animal and human,  I personally feel that behavior assessment should not be a determining factor in shelter animal outcomes. 

    There are so many other factors that should be considered, including simply changing the animal's environment that could make a huge difference.   There are also resources available to help animals suffering from emotional, behavioral and/or mental issues that may result in successful adoption into loving and forever homes.  Others, of course, may feel differently.

    Thanks again for taking time from your busy schedules to participate in our presentation and discussion.  Thanks as well for your encouraging comments and for all that you do to support the well-being of animals and humans in need.

    Many blessings, 

    Terry Morris, DVM, PhD
    Executive Director
    Vets To Vets United, Inc.

    Terry Morris