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Community Conversations - 1/8/24 - Collective Wisdom: Reflections from a Year of Community Conversations

  • 1.  Community Conversations - 1/8/24 - Collective Wisdom: Reflections from a Year of Community Conversations

    Posted 01-04-2024 12:20 PM

    Updated 1/8/24 at 3:05pm - Recording now available to watch on-demand!

    We are back in action on Monday, January 8th for our first Community Conversations call of 2024!

    Join us for an engaging session as we reflect on a year of Weekly Community Conversations featuring inspiring leaders in the field of animal well-being. These conversations have provided invaluable insights, experiences, and collective wisdom from our community, all of which can profoundly shape our future endeavors.

    During this session, you will have the opportunity to hear reflections from some of our colleagues. They will share their personal highlights and lessons learned from the past year and explain how they are applying these insights to their work. Furthermore, they will offer recommendations for others to implement in their own initiatives. Join us to gain valuable perspectives and advice from those at the forefront of animal well-being.

    Register here for our Weekly Community Conversations Calls taking place on Mondays at 11am PT:
    If you are unable to make it live on Monday, this thread will be updated with the recording and resources so you can watch and share whenever you'd like.  After you watch the recording on-demand or attend the call live, be sure to complete this new January 2024 entry form to enter to win up to a $5,000 grant: Be sure to complete an entry for the January 2024 grant giveaway each time you watch a call live or a replay during the month of January!


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  • 2.  RE: Community Conversations - 1/8/24 - Collective Wisdom: Reflections from a Year of Community Conversations

    Posted 01-05-2024 03:34 PM

    Registered and excited to hear what everyone has learned <3 !

    Shonyae Johnson - CPDT-KA
    Program + Operations Management
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    Operation Kindness

  • 3.  RE: Community Conversations - 1/8/24 - Collective Wisdom: Reflections from a Year of Community Conversations

    Posted 01-08-2024 03:05 PM

    Thanks to the 163+ people who joined us on our first Community Conversations call of 2024. Major shout out to our guest speakers @Connie Ash, @Erin Hooks and @Sara Pizano who shared their personal highlights and lessons learned from the past year.  The recording is now available to watch on-demand and below you'll find a recap of the call and chat. 

    There will be no call next Monday, January 15th in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We will see you again on January 22nd at 11am PT for a call on Community-Centric Fundraising and Maddie's Fund will be announcing the December 2023 grant winner(s)! As you watch any recordings this month, be sure to complete this grant giveaway form each time you watch to enter to win up to a $5,000 grant:

    1/8/24 Community Conversations Call Recap

    • Welcome from Hosts
    • Question of the day: What is one thing you learned from a call this year that you found had an impact on you, your organization, or your community?
      • "Without a doubt, the sheer numbers of dogs in shelters and the very limited resources for their care.  I of course know about shelters having brought several shelter dogs into my family, but I had no idea that so many shelters are full, with no end in sight.  This has helped me be a better donor to canine shelters and also to being front line active with dogs in need." - cindy roragen 
      • "Focusing more on self-care has been a big lesson for me last year and into this year!" - Jenna Riedi
      • "I learned this community is there to help a small organization. I have enjoyed learning about what resources are available." - Michelle Russillo 
      • "I learned some very helpful ideas on creating adoption profile." - Amy Joshua 
      • "While focus of the industry is focused on helping animals, there is a growing move to help animals by helping people (community & staff). Take care of the people that take care of the animals!" - Lawrence Minnis
      • "I find everything useful in these sessions and I was lucky enough to win one of the cash prizes before Christmas and I was able to purchase some much-needed supplies for our Bow Wow Break program!" - Ernest Hagan
      • "Because this is our first year on our organization, we have been learning a lot. Every day is a challenge for us, because we face a lot of problems with Hispanic Community, new culture and learning how to educate them about respect animals." - Myriam Martinez

    • National Updates
    • Featured Discussion - Collective Wisdom: Reflections from a Year of Community Conversations
    • Highlights from the Chat
      • "You are all amazing, Josie!  Celebrate those wins!" - Sara Cooper
      • "Howdy all... I agree with Jose on prioritization. If you're not sad about some of the things you put on the back burner, you're not doing it right.  You need to be ruthless to be performant." - Gilberto
      • "Love hearing how much Maddie's has impacted you and your group, Connie." "100 about not being in competition with other organizations! I feel like that happens here in Las Vegas all too much. We are all here for the animals and how to help and save them." - Doreen Fang
      • "We've made our mental health an afterthought and we are all suffering for it.  Sadly, most of us suffer in silence." - Vincent Medley
      • "Sounds so familiar, our small rescue is in the same boat." - Tracy Horton - Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation 
      • "goosebumps about how you helped the incarcerated person and preserved that bond" - José Ocaño 
      • "The WHY is soo important, yet easy to get lost in the shuffle." - Shannon Roebuck
      • "We need to know our why. Thank you." - Kathy Janssen
      • "Thank you for sharing!! So many good points and good reminders in what you said!!" - Cecilia Oliveros
      • "What an incredible story, Erin. Congratulations!!" - Doreen Fang
      • "Congratulations on the MBA!  Education is one of the few things no one can take from you!" - Connie Ash
      • "Thank you @Connie Ash! Do you know Mike Wheeler at Cabot Animal Support Services? A great resource and brainstorming partner in your State." -
        • "Yes, Cabot has been a great resource.  We have been able to utilize their food program to assist our community." - Connie Ash
      • "Meditation and breathing kept me centered in some of my darkest hours as a shelter director." - Vincent Medley
      • "I love it! I saw a teacher on TikTok call it the pretzel breath as she helped her student deal with emotional regulation." - Irene Chansawang
      • "Thank you, Erin!! That was very inspiring especially as a fellow type A person. Very brave to change your life course and follow your passion!" - Cecilia Oliveros
      • "Life is a meditation." - Vincent Medley
      • "Yup!!! We are always practicing." - Jyothi Robertson
      • "Dr P is my hero!!" "Yes!!  She has helped our county shelter in KY!!! 💕" - Barb Bern
      • "Data is like sunlight in all our dark/unknown problems." - Vincent Medley
      • "Fear stemming from Uncertainty." - Lawrence Minnis
      • "Yes! Fear is not a place to make decisions from." - Connie Ash
      • "Dr. P, you've inspired volumes of people in our movement.  Thank you!!!" - Vincent Medley
      • "Feelings are the foundation for how we see the world and how we interact with it." - Vincent Medley
      • "'Your feelings are real, but they are not always reliable.' Love that reminder." - Stacy Beckley
      • "Why are fear and negativity the predominate emotions? We don't work from positive and hope." - Kathy Janssen
        • "Probably stem from staying alive back in the old old days. We are still affraid of Mammoths." - Isabelle Côté 
        • "Survival instincts and negative outcomes can have greater circumstances (injury, etc.)  than positive. But, we have broadened it to every circumstance" - Lawrence Minnis
        • "I read a book that theorized that we are descendants of those who didn't trust anyone or anything, because 1 mistake could be fatal." - Vincent Medley
      • "Thank you, Sara.  Keeping up momentum without burning out, especially seeing the extreme number of stray animals whether a dog or horse.  It can get overwhelming.  Winter temperatures, searching for food, obvious signs of nursing a litter...etc." - Glenda Davis
      • "What does coherence mean in this context?" - Isabelle Côté [answered live]
      • "That's part of neurolinguistic programming.  It teaches you how to reframe." - Vincent Medley
      • "This book has been helpful too - Tapping In: A Step-By-Step Guide to Activating Your Healing Resources through Bilateral Stimulation" - Nadia Oseguera
      • "Speed journaling!!!" - Norma Wallace
      • "Keeping yourself centered is key. It's stops you from being reactive and taking things personally." - Sara Pizano
      • "This is my first meeting with Maddie's and I have to say how amazing this whole meeting has been. I was meant to be here! Thank you all so much!! ❤️🙏" - Doreen Fang
      • "Excellent call and great way to kick off the beginning of the year.  Thank you all!!!!" - Kathy Duncan
      • José asked us to think of one word that we want to keep front and center this next year
        • "calmness" - Nadia Oseguera
        • "Peace" - Doreen Fang
        • "Action" - Isabelle Côté 
        • "Clarity" - Vincent Medley
        • "action" - cindy roragen
        • "Breathe" - Tracy Horton
        • "clarity of word" - Allison Cardona
        • "Connection and consistency" - Lisa Gilbert
        • "Thinking before speaking." - Myriam Martinez
        • "Let go" - Christina Avila
        • "Peace" - Augusta Farley
        • "You are not alone!" - Sara Pizano
        • "Compassion" - Charlotte Otero
        • "being that cat on the screen" - Alison Gibson
        • "Peace" - Mikhaila Worle
        • "Collaboration" - Sara Schwartz
        • "Coherence (now that I have the context)" - Cindy Flauger
        • "Love 💕" - Myriam Martinez
        • "Collaborating!" - Omotola Badamasi
        • "Impact" - Lawrence Minnis
        • "Inner peace!!" - Josie Lowery
        • "Amazement" - Kathy Janssen

    Charlotte Otero
    Community Strategist at Maddie's Fund

  • 4.  RE: Community Conversations - 1/8/24 - Collective Wisdom: Reflections from a Year of Community Conversations

    Posted 01-14-2024 12:34 PM

    absolutely LOVED this call. Thank you all for sharing your experiences :); The feeling of community, the action steps that you all took within yourselves, your organizations, and your communities was inspiring. Wishing you all an amazing 2024 as we continue to collaborate together.

    Shonyae Johnson - CPDT-KA
    Program + Operations Management
    Behavior Manager
    Operation Kindness