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  • 1.  Community Conversations - 3/18/24 - Help, They Brought a Dog! How San Diego Service Providers Keep Pets & People Together

    Posted 03-14-2024 11:36 AM

    Updated 3/18/24 at 2:40pm PT - Recording is now available to watch on-demand!

    We hope to see you on the next Community Conversations call on Monday, 3/18/24 at 11am PT for a presentation titled, "Help, They Brought a Dog! How San Diego Service Providers Keep Pets & People Together."

    Co-sheltering, or the practice of housing humans and animals together at the same emergency or temporary facility such as a homeless shelter, is essential to trauma-informed practice, keeping pets with their families, and reducing service barriers for people experiencing homelessness. Join Jesse Casement, Division Director of Client Services at Father's Joe's Villages and @Lauren Rogers, Community Initiatives Manager at San Diego Humane Society, as they discuss how one of San Diego's largest homeless service providers committed to making all 1,048 of its shelter beds pet-friendly. They'll address common roadblocks to co-sheltering, including navigating space constraints, staff concerns and behavior challenges, and share practical tips for successful partnerships between human service and animal welfare organizations.

    Register here for our Weekly Community Conversations Call taking place on Monday at 11am PT: 

    If you are unable to make it live on Monday, this thread will be updated with the recording and resources so you can watch and share whenever you'd like.  After you watch the recording on-demand or attend the call live, be sure to complete this March 2024 entry form to enter to win up to a $5,000 grant: 


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  • 2.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/18/24 - Help, They Brought a Dog! How San Diego Service Providers Keep Pets & People Together

    Posted 03-18-2024 02:39 PM
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    Thank to the 172+ attendees who joined us on today's Community Conversations call! Special thank you to our guest speakers, Lauren and Jesse for sharing all about their co-sheltering program in San Diego. The recording is now available to watch on-demand and below you'll find a recap of the agenda, resources and highlights from the chat. Presentation slides are also attached to this reply.

    Call Recap

    • Welcome from hosts
      • @Clare Callison, Director of National Operations at Austin/American Pets Alive!
      • @Nadia Oseguera, California Program Manager at UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program

    • Question of the Day: Share an act of kindness someone displayed toward you recently.
      • "Donated a back fence for my fosters." - Stephen Knight - Dogs Matter
      • "A neighbor offered to move his car back so mine could fit in the space available." - Jesse Casement
      • "My shelter manager wrote me a poem for Christmas on how I have been been such a mentor to her." - Donna Bucek
      • "My neighbor bought me a margarita machine!!!!!!!!" - Brandi Priest
      • "My grandson told me my cookies were the best in the world." - Judy Bellack
      • "My neighbor gave me flowers for letting in the heater repair person for them last week." - Shelly, Maddie's Fund
      • "I had a tough day yesterday, so my husband kindly bought me pizza lol." - Michelle Pease Kalaskey 
      • "A volunteer baked cookies for everyone who helped in rescuing a dobie needing an amputation." - Megan Scoullar
      • "A parent on one of the youth hockey teams I manage made me a pint glass with our team logo on it." - Dylan Moore
      • "I had a professional employee that has been challenging for years and now we have a healthy and respectful relationship that today she said how grateful she was to have worked together." - Michelle Russillo
      • "A coworker offered to stay late to accept our surgery animals, allowing me to go home and celebrate a family birthday!! Totally unexpected or requested! 😌" - Kirsten VantWoud
      • "I've received a few notes of appreciation from my fosters recently at times that I was feeling very discouraged." - Suzy Clayton
      • "Someone I have been providing pet food to for several years. She surprised me on Valentine's Day with a small gift from 'the pets'" - Amy Joshua
      • "I volunteer and my bosses helped me out by keeping my puppy after his surgery." - Sharon Esempio
      • "Thanked me for doing my job with a smile!" - JJ
      • "Husband slept in the guest room because he snores." - Kristen Baltrum
      • "The Maddie's Fund and Austin Pets Alive!!! Sent me flowers in honor of my brother!!" - Vincent Medley
      • "Volunteer made soup and rolls for us so we didn't have to cook a meal." - Marge Hall

    • National Updates
    • Presentation: Help, They Brought a Dog! How San Diego Service Providers Keep Pets & People Together - Weekly Community Conversations 3/18/24
    • Highlights from the Chat
      • "San Diego Humane Society is AWESOME!!!" - Krista Coutts
      • "30,000 animals blows my mind!  Our count of animals in inventory at any one time is about 150😆" - Doris Kempton
        • "SDHS has 1,078 in care as of today!" - Stacey Zeitlin
      • "Richmond CA has space for unhoused with companion animals, two animals, I think." - Norma Wallace
      • "We have just begun partnering with the new homeless shelter in our community to provide dog and cat food for their companion animals.  We are Desert Cat Rescue & Sanctuary of AZ" - Doris Kempton
      • "County's Chamber of Commerce has formed a Non-Profit Coalition to exchange what we all do to meet the needs of those across our community." - Claudia Labbe
      • "Having a relationship with these "human" services helps us with our pet food distribution with our Pet Pantry at HSSV!" - Krista Coutts
      • "So informative thank you!" - Beth Porter
      • "So good to see you here Lauren and Jesse!!!❤️" - Geraldine D'Silva
      • "We have shipped metal crates to Father Joe's and have provided emergency veterinary care to the people housed there." - Genevieve Frederick
      • "La Plata County Humane Society, Durango, CO. We collaborate often with our local "soup kitchen". We maintain a pet food pantry with them and free vaccine clinics a few times a year. They will also pay for a client to get their pet vaccinated for rabies with us. We also provide 2 week+, free Courtesy holds for those having to stay in a shelter, safe house, or if they've been arrested. Always looking for more ideas as the population of houseless pet owners continues to increase in our area. Great topic. 👍" - Colleen Dunning
      • "We are so much smaller than the organizations featured here.  But the passion to assist humans and animals is the same." - Doris Kempton
      • "Thank you for all you do. I visited my new sister there a few years ago and was blown away by the numbers. :(" - Janette Martin
      • "We are starting a program to help those with reactive dogs looking for housing.  It's a first of its kind program in our area so we are super excited.  Here to learn and borrow ideas." - Yvonne Feliciano
        • "We've had success offering free basket muzzles to pet owners with reactive dogs entering shelters. It can sometimes be all the difference." - Quinn Douglas-Hiley
      • "We also provide pet food and supplies to the homeless and low-income individuals in our community through a partnership with St Vincent de Paul community pantry." - Doris Kempton
      • "I absolutely LOVE that they can bring their fur-babies in with them. Pets are family" - Lauren from Butte Humane Society
      • "I have lived in CA for 30-years and 'Sun Diego' for 2 and never heard of your place. What an awesome facility and such great programs." - Kate Sawyer, better Together Forever Los Angeles,
      • "This is really wonderful! Now if we can get rental housing operators to get on board with accepting pets without restrictions." - Judy Bellack
      • "One of our local vets just established a local chapter of Street Dog Coalition. Just had their last wellness clinic last week at the local "soup kitchen". Already collaborating with them. Really happy we have this resource in our community now." - Colleen Dunning
      • "Amazing work. Thank you for sharing this with us. Someday my organization will be able to do the same. I love everything you and your organization are doing for the community and animals as well." - Myriam Martinez
      • "I am inspired!" - Suny from Columbia Gorge Humane Society
      • "Great presentation and program!" - Phil Zimmerman - City of Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter
      • "Fabulous work!" - Lisa Coscino
      • "WOW, WONDDERFUL 👏🏽" - Norma Wallace
      • "Incredible program" - Alex Kastanas Holladay
      • "Very cool. Definitely sharing this recording with our local human shelter and safe house. ❤️" - Colleen Dunning
      • "This is awesome! Thank you for all you have done!" - Tori Tanner
      • "A really great program, and so necessary." - Patricia Gonzalez
      • "Super inspiring!! Amazing work and I can't wait to look into if our community does this as well." - Lauren
      • "That should be a national model." - Vincent Medley
      • "This truly is inspiring. Thank you for what you do." - Claire Walton
      • "Thank you for such a great break down of how to do it in many situations!  Wonderful presentation." - April King
      • "I had the privilege of working with the Father Joe's and SDHS team when I worked for the City of San Diego's Operation Shelter to Home at the start of the pandemic. Their teams demonstrated a level of compassion and empathy that has informed every step I've taken, including on my journey home to Hawaiʻi, where I'm now with the Hawaiian Humane Society. Kudos to Jesse and your team's incredible work in the community." - Brandy Shimabukuro
      • "Hey everyone, San Antonio Animal Care Services has their director position open -- please spread the word!" - Rebecca Mayberry

    Charlotte Otero
    Community Strategist at Maddie's Fund

  • 3.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/18/24 - Help, They Brought a Dog! How San Diego Service Providers Keep Pets & People Together

    Posted 28 days ago


    Thank you for the informative presentation. Question: Since "pet friendly" and "pet inclusive" are not the same, it was said that the beds are "pet friendly." Does this mean that there are restrictions for the animals accepted to go in the shelter with their pet owners?

    Michelle Schutz
    Humane Education Manager
    Virginia Beach SPCA

  • 4.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/18/24 - Help, They Brought a Dog! How San Diego Service Providers Keep Pets & People Together

    Posted 03-18-2024 02:52 PM

    This was a wonderful presentation today! I was wondering if the presenters would be willing to share some of the documents they mentioned, like the Best Practices and Pet Handling and Safety Tips as well as the Animal Agreement. We work with the transitional housing in San Mateo County, CA

    Thank you!

    Roxane Fritz
    Veterinary Program Coordinator
    San Mateo County

  • 5.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/18/24 - Help, They Brought a Dog! How San Diego Service Providers Keep Pets & People Together

    Posted 03-19-2024 03:51 PM

    Hi Roxane! I have attached a few documents, including our resource guide for pet families experiencing homelessness, a poster we created for partners who provide shelter to post in their facilities, and then a copy of the body language and safe interactions training we did for Father Joe's staff. Hope this helps!

    Lauren Rogers
    Community Initiatives Supervisor
    San Diego Humane Society


  • 6.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/18/24 - Help, They Brought a Dog! How San Diego Service Providers Keep Pets & People Together

    Posted 03-20-2024 10:34 AM

    Thank you so much! These are awesome!

    Roxane Fritz
    Veterinary Program Coordinator
    San Mateo County