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Community Conversations - 3/4/24 - Building Community Trust at No-Cost

  • 1.  Community Conversations - 3/4/24 - Building Community Trust at No-Cost

    Posted 02-28-2024 01:56 PM

    Updated 3/4/24 at 3:45pm PT - Recording is now available to watch on-demand!

    We hope to see you on the next Community Conversations call on Monday, 3/4/24 at 11am PT for a very important discussion titled, "Building Community Trust at No-Cost".

    Trust is something that is earned and can never truly have a price on it. So, the big question is, how can you earn trust? How long does it take? And lastly, what's its true worth?

    Join @Hakeem Ruiz, Director of CARE Centers Northeastern Tier at Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity, and President of The Block Gives Back, as he shares the most effective ways he's learned to earn trust. Hakeem will define when to recognize that trust is out of reach, explore identifying that not every connection merits the energy it demands, and help break down that sometimes. It's crucial to understand even if the community isn't fully convinced, we're still welcomed to the table.

    Register here for our Weekly Community Conversations Call taking place on Monday at 11am PT: 

    If you are unable to make it live on Monday, this thread will be updated with the recording and resources so you can watch and share whenever you'd like.  After you watch the recording on-demand or attend the call live, be sure to complete this March 2024 entry form to enter to win up to a $5,000 grant: 


    Maddie's Pet Forum Admin
    Maddie's Fund

  • 2.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/4/24 - Building Community Trust at No-Cost

    Posted 03-04-2024 12:10 PM

    Thank you so much @Hakeem Ruiz!! Amazing presentation!! 

    Shonyae Johnson - CPDT-KA
    Program + Operations Management
    Behavior Manager
    Operation Kindness

  • 3.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/4/24 - Building Community Trust at No-Cost

    Posted 03-04-2024 03:42 PM
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    Thanks to the 223 people who joined us on the Community Conversations call today and a special thank you to our guest speaker, @Hakeem Ruiz for presenting such an engaging topic and practical tips on building and maintaining community trust. The recording is now available to watch and share. Below you'll find a recap of the call along with the resources that were shared in the chat. I've also attached Hakeem's presentation slides. 


    • Welcome from Hosts
      • @Shonyae Johnson, Director of Virtual Programming, Humane Rescue Alliance
      • Johnny Jenkins, Chief of Program Strategies, Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE)
    • Question of the Day:  Using 10 words or less, how do you practice trust building in your most important relationships?
      • "Admit when I'm wrong and fix it" - June Thomas
      • "always be honest and tell the truth" - Brenda Baron
      • "Being open, transparent and invite questions and tours" - Michelle Russillo
      • "Honest and open Communication without judgement" - Kati Pauli
      • "being transparent" - Ashley Vargas
      • "being a good listener/show care concern" - Beth Porter
      • "being honest, and admit when something needs to be done differently" - Taralynn Grabowski
      • "Listening (and seeing if they're listening!)" - Alison Gibson
      • "Communicate effectively." - Beverly Paladinetti
      • "Giving feedback after saying you would change something." - Michelle Russillo
      • "Keeping an ongoing dialogue and constant communication" - Tori Tanner
      • "Shonyae, YES - respect others' communication styles - right on!" - Alison Gibson
      • "Followup" - Sandy Parker
      • "Honesty, active listening, honoring promises, respecting differences" - Kim Domerofski
      • "Listen, respect, communicate, listen again." - Penny Leisch
      • "Listening and asking questions." - Ashley Hurst
      • "Do not overpromise." - Sandy Parker
      • "Respect, openness, and integrity." - Brandon Fancy
      • "Communication" - Stephen  Knight
      • "active listening" - Azalia Boyd
      • "transparency" - Shannon Roebuck
      • Open communication" - Elaine Edington
      • "consistency" - Kristen Baltrum
      • "No judgement" - Alicia Curley
      • "Consistent communication and transparency" - Stacy Beckley
      • "reliability" - Jarred Rimby
      • "Treat others like you'd like to be treated." - Lizzie Lewis
      • "Transparency" - Tracy Horton
      • "share, be relatable" - Azalia Boyd
      • "transparency, open conversation, listening, validating, relatable." - Jenny Franz
      • "Consistent honesty and reliable actions foster genuine trust in relationships." - Vaughn Maurice
      • "Be honest." - Geraldine D'Silva
      • "Follow through" - Cynthia Lee
      • "Deliver on what you say you're going to do." - Alicia Curley
      • "Make commitments public with timelines." - Michelle Russillo
      • "Gracefully acknowledging that you don't know something is so golden." - Jenna Reidi
      • "Community wisdom." - Cindy Roragen
      • "Recognizing and acknowledging differences in communication styles, and compromising to find equal ground." - Zan Lowell
      • "Truth isn't static. It ebbs, flows, and recedes. Trust requires constant and consistent attention." - Johnny Jenkins
      • "Communication is always a key" - Anita Selby

    National Updates

    • Congratulations to our February Community Conversation Winners ($2,500 each)!
      • Maggie Hudson, One Tail at a Time, IL
      • Beverly Paladinetti, Perfect Peaches, GA
    • Congratulations to our Maddie's Pet Forum February Winner ($3,000)!
      • Lauri Ann Sloneker, SPCA Cincinnati, OH
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      Join us on Wednesday, March 20th and Wednesday, April 3rd from 9 am-1 pm PT (12 pm-4 pm ET) for a focus on dog behavior. The free, virtual event will consist of two half-days that will include presentations, short videos and Q&A sessions. At Camp Maddie: Behavior Edition, we'll talk about determining which dogs are safe to rehome, keeping dogs happy and healthy while in your care, and finding them homes. Hear from a lineup of knowledgeable speakers including Dr. Chris Pachel, Dr. Wailani Sung, Mike Shikashio, Bobbie Bhambree, Ferdi Yau, and more! More information and Register for one or both days:
    • Maddie's Insights: Increasing Engagement in Kitten Fostering Programs: Lessons Learned from High Kitten Intake Zip Codes in Los Angeles County – speakers from the ASPCA Greg Miller and Debra Olmedo. March 14 at 12n Pacific (3pm Eastern). Register:
    • Maddie's Fund Open Arms Challenge is accepting applications until 3/6/24. The Open Arms Challenge registration is now open - this Challenge is open to all organizations who would like to pilot a new program or expand on a current one that welcomes your community. $510,000 in grant prizes available! Learn more here:
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    • Summit for Animals in Halifax, Nova Scotia May 5 - 7 this year!
    • HASS Focus on Felines "jobalike" presentation for MarchThursday March 7th, 4pm Eastern/3pm Central/ 2pm Mountain /1pm Pacific
      • Our guest for March will be Gary Evans, the new president of the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs. Gary will provide an overview of ACC&D's work on advancing nonsurgical sterilization techniques, share the latest on the development of a spay shot for female cats, and discuss ongoing research to find alternatives to ear-tips for community cats once sterilization no longer means surgery.   
      • If you've lost your link to this Job-Alike, the easiest solution is to re-register for the meeting series and then click on the SAVE to CALENDAR option on the confirmation screen or SAVE the confirmation EMAIL you get in a place where you can find it . It's the same link each month and everyone has personalized links.

    Today's Presentation:  Building Community Trust at No-Cost

    Highlights from the Chat: 

    • "kitten season is all year long lately" - Fay Beriau
      • "And puppies these days too" - Sheila Segurson
      • "Was thinking this same thing - it hasn't ended for us!" - Alicia Curley
    • "In Columbus, IN, our local Top Dog Car Wash is partnering by becoming a drop off site all the time!" - Kirsten Vantwoud
    • "Everybody is smart in different ways about different things." - Maria S
    • "Do you print/mail paper newsletters? We didn't have much response from mailing them, so we've gone to email blasts on a monthly basis with our Spotlight newsletter" - Patricia Gonzalez
      • "2x per year, news and lighthearted stories. They contain donation envelopes too and they bring in about $25-$30K per year." - Cori Griesgraber
      • "I'm trying to get confirmation, but I think it's around 2500-3000" - Cori Griesgraber
      • "Thx! Do you get more from the printed version than the email/online version? We have mostly seniors here and they want hard copies and send checks. Less do techie things." - Claudie Labbe
      • "we have successful online campaigns as well, but we have a number of people what like our Mewsletters, and we still get a lot of seniors sending in checks" - Cori Griesgraber
    • "Ooh, that's a good point. I don't think to subscribe to others' newsletters." - Mary Pryor
    • "I got a text this morning from an old friend that I hadn't heard from in a while that started with, "Out of the blue text alert!" and then went on to ask me how I'm doing. :) It can be hard to reach out to people we haven't talked to in a while. I liked this move." - Stacy Beckley
    • "This is such common sense, but I find sooo many groups in animal rescue do not do this at all, don't find consensus in the community, don't partner, and are extremely judgemental to folks in the communities." - Karen Jealous
      • "I agree. I think sometimes it may be because animals don't speak, so they can't say what happened to them, so there is a tendency to assume the worst in people (because we often see the worst in people?)" - Patricia Gonzalez
    • "Have you encountered a situation where perhaps other organizations feel competitive (i.e., competing for a limited amount of funding) so they don't want to join in?" - Patricia Gonzales
      • Yes, and it's ok, may not be the right time as Hakeem said. But don't give up, try again later. Share their information. Show them what you hope they will do. " - Sharon Fletcher
    • "Hakeem this is great info" - Taralynn Grabowski
    • "Sending you love! Gucci is proud of all your work." - Rachel Burger
    • "Very great presentation. I love your energy and passion, thank you for all that you do!" - PJ Rosch
    • "BRAVOOOO!!!" - Shonyae Johnson
    • "Thank you - this was great." - Alicia Curley
    • "Love The Block Gives Back people profiles! Thanks, Hakeem, for your presentation today!" - Irene Chansawang
    • "This is much needed information! Thank you!" - Natasha Ottati
    • "Thank you for sharing your experience with us." - Myriam Martinez
    • "Leading by example, thank you Hakeem!" - Geraldine D'Silva
    • "I appreciate your anti-savior approach! You're doing amazing and brilliant community-centric work!" - Nadia Oseguera
    • "Barks About It! stories are so good to see!" - Jesse Oldham

    Kim Domerofski (she/her)
    Community Manager
    Maddie's Fund


  • 4.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/4/24 - Building Community Trust at No-Cost

    Posted 03-04-2024 03:59 PM

    Thank you to everyone who joined. All the feedback was greatly appreciated. If you would like to contact me to further discuss please feel free,

    Hakeem Ruiz

  • 5.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/4/24 - Building Community Trust at No-Cost

    Posted 03-11-2024 05:45 AM

    I liked the concept of "in-reach"!

    Pamela Adelmann

  • 6.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/4/24 - Building Community Trust at No-Cost

    Posted 03-11-2024 12:02 PM

    the term in-reach really puts everyone at the same level. Outreach leads to the feeling that we are not connected but we will tell you what you need.

    Hakeem Ruiz

  • 7.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/4/24 - Building Community Trust at No-Cost

    Posted 03-12-2024 04:54 AM

    That is an interesting way to think about it. To me outreach means we are trying to connect. For example, we recently purchased a shuttle bus that we are retrofitting with cages to bring our animal ambassadors (we are an exotic & farm animal sanctuary) to schools and educational events.  We are tentatively calling the program our "animal education outreach program".  We strive to be a judgement free organization and don't want to come off as being disconnected or preachy. "Animal education in-reach" does have a nice ring to it.

    Lisa Burn
    Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary
    Myakka City, FL

  • 8.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/4/24 - Building Community Trust at No-Cost

    Posted 03-12-2024 09:52 AM

    I think the work you are doing is in fact in-reach work. We just have to reconsider when we use the term outreach. It can just feel out of touch with that term. But if you know you are in fact connected closely with the people on the ground, I would consider it in-reach. I do agree that it has a nice rings to it lol.

    Hakeem Ruiz

  • 9.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/4/24 - Building Community Trust at No-Cost

    Posted 03-14-2024 10:04 AM

    I think there is room to use both concepts (inreach and outreach).  To me, outreach is letting people know what we currently offer to help animals in the communities and groups where we're already established, plus the fact that we're interested in working with people to develop new programs.   Inreach is what we do when we approach new communities and groups, to develop relationships and see what unmet needs they would like help with.

    Both should be respectful and empowering for community members.  Don't let semantics get in the way of building strong, meaningful relationships.  

    April King
    Volunteer and Board Member
    Kotor Kitties
    +1 206 407 5336

  • 10.  RE: Community Conversations - 3/4/24 - Building Community Trust at No-Cost

    Posted 03-14-2024 08:16 PM

    I think that is well said and I agree. The work is essentially the same, there may just be a little bit of a mindset difference when using a term that has not be heard as much like "in-reach". If the outreach is giving you a trusted connection to the community, no need to second guess it. But if the the people do not seem to appreciate the strategy , considering the term in-reach may just have people consider a different approach.

    Hakeem Ruiz