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Community Conversations - 5/1/23 - The Importance of Pet Grooming in Shared Living Environments

  • 1.  Community Conversations - 5/1/23 - The Importance of Pet Grooming in Shared Living Environments

    Posted 04-27-2023 10:18 AM

    Recording Now Available to watch on-demand:

    We hope to see you on Monday, May 1, 2023 at 11am PT for our next Community Conversations call! We will learn about the importance of pet grooming in shared living environments and how to create a pet friendly culture from Terryl Daluz, Co-Founder of Wash My Dog Grooming Salon and the nonprofit, Loving Paws, Inc.  With a background in social service as a counselor and case manager for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, Terryl and his partner helped people get housed and acclimated to their new living environment. 

    Register here for our Monday Community Conversations Calls:

    If you are unable to make it live on Monday, this thread will be updated with the recording and resources so you can watch and share whenever you'd like. After you watch the recording or attend the call live, be sure to complete this new May entry form to enter to win a grant:

    You also still have a couple days to get entries in for the April Grant Giveaway. If you watch any previously recorded calls between now and April 30th, complete this giveaway form:


    Maddie's Pet Forum Admin
    Maddie's Fund

  • 2.  RE: Community Conversations - 5/1/23 - The Importance of Pet Grooming in Shared Living Environments

    Posted 05-01-2023 03:01 PM

    Thanks to everyone who joined us live for today's call! The recording is now available to watch on-demand. Below you'll find a recap of the agenda, resources and highlights from the chat. Be sure to complete this grant giveaway entry form if you joined us live or if you're watching the replay:

    Today's Presentation: The Importance of Pet Grooming in Shared Living Environments

    Highlights From The Chat

    • "Energy. Absolutely important especially if one has a large pack. Things can go wrong quickly if your own energy is not balanced." - Arlene Martin
    • "My current groomer has such a quiet spa-llike space.  It relaxes my scaredy-pup" - Kim Gorga
    • "And thinking about this applying to animal shelter environments too. Are we being welcoming when the public come in?" - Allison Cardona
    • "Great ideas and a lot of need for those services. Thank you." - Penny Leisch 
    • "love this organization!  Thanks for all this and for the thoughtfulness you put into everything..." - Samantha Polen
    • "I loved that you took your skill and passion, made a business that you brought back to the community you were working with for social good." - Augusta Farley
    • "Especially true to be welcoming and non-judgmental with owner surrenders. People seeking help are doing the right thing. Often, shelters are the last resort for a heartbreaking situation. Front line staff need to remember this." - Lisa Pearce
    • "This is such a wonderful program!  I love this!" - Michele Robinson
    • "Thank you, Terryl and Maddie's Fund, for bringing people together." - Monica Zinchiak 
    • "I am enjoying this conversation so much." - Tamara Cook
    • "Your energy is so warm and welcoming. Thank you for all you do!" - Kim Domerofski
    • "My first time here. It was such a wonderful experience. Thank you so much. 💜" - Lesa Peterson

    Charlotte Otero
    Community Strategist at Maddie's Fund

  • 3.  RE: Community Conversations - 5/1/23 - The Importance of Pet Grooming in Shared Living Environments

    Posted 05-19-2023 06:50 AM

    As a formal groomer, I appreciate what he and his wife have been doing to assist the community SO MUCH. Outside of my work as the ED for Fostering Love Rescues, I have been doing a lot of offsite grooming for our community of farm and guardian dogs. I began doing it out of my PT cruiser, a 5 gal bucket, camping shower accessories, (amazon quality) blow dryer, Bushes for days, and clippers for paw pad cleanups and sanitary trims. All of my clients are double-coated breeds since they're the ones not traveling off properties and more often than not, missing regular vet exams. 

    There is such a huge need for dogs that don't live in homes. The lack of information for the community on matting is crazy. Had a woman who BREEDS Colorado mountain dogs (great Pyrenees type) telling people that the matting is good for protecting against bites in fights with wildlife. As a groomer, I can attest that just isn't the case; mats are painful, irritate the skin, poorly allow for circulation when it's hot and so much more. Kidd you not, I find wounds, punctures, and hotspots on almost every single first visit with a new client, (most times the owner had no clue despite interacting with their pup consistently)! Many pet parents even brush them, but with the wrong brush, it never gets down to the skin to pull out the undercoat!

    Oral health has been proven to shorten the lives of our pets, ear infections are being missed until they're extremely inflamed, and now we are getting a surge of ticks with sicknesses that neurologically have affected so many in our community because pet parents just don't realize how important skin checks are. 

    Our sanctuary would love to partake as a partner in educating the community in a fundraiser/classroom setting! Remote Facebook live events have been fruitful for us in the past too! 

    We love what yall are doing! Keep up the amazing work! 

    Elise Smith
    Executive Director
    Fostering Love Rescues
    Franktown, Colorado