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Community Conversations - 6/17/24 - Healing Justice for Trauma Experienced in the Workplace

  • 1.  Community Conversations - 6/17/24 - Healing Justice for Trauma Experienced in the Workplace

    Posted 06-13-2024 02:30 PM

    Updated 6/17/24 at 1:55pm - Recording now available to watch on-demand!

    We hope to see you on the next Community Conversations call on Monday, 6/17/24 at 11am PT for a presentation on, "Healing justice for trauma experienced in the workplace."

    If you have ever struggled with work-life balance and the impact of work stressors or you are in a position to create organizational changes, this is the session for you! Hear from two BIPOC women who have worked in high volume shelters/clinics about the impact of burnout and how they have healed. The workshop will focus on the importance of centering healing justice, a collective healing framework, that will ultimately benefit individuals, teams and organizations as a whole. We will define the types of burnout one might experience and provide examples, specifically those that we experienced and overcame throughout our careers in animal welfare. We will go over strategies we found useful to prevent burnout as individuals, and we'll share recommendations for using a healing justice framework in which teams can support each other and work together to prevent and address burnout. Additionally, we provide recommendations to promote wellbeing and support healing amongst teams that helped us in our journey. Understanding the signs and causes of burnout, as well as working together to prevent it and overcome it, is incredibly important in ensuring a balance in our lives to be able to show up to work in a way that is thoughtful and intentional.

    Guest Speakers:
    @Ivy Ruiz, Outreach Specialist at UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program 
    @Nadia Oseguera-Ramon-Ramón, CA State Program Manager, UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program

    Register for Community Conversations hosted via Zoom:

    As always, this discussion thread will be updated with the recording and resources so you can watch and share whenever you'd like.  After you watch the recording on-demand or attend the call live, be sure to complete the June 2024 entry form to enter to win up to a $5,000 grant:

  • 2.  RE: Community Conversations - 6/17/24 - Healing Justice for Trauma Experienced in the Workplace

    Posted 06-17-2024 02:29 PM

    Thank you to the 139+ people and pets who joined us live on today's call. Extra special shout out to our guest speakers, @Nadia Oseguera-Ramon and @Ivy Ruiz for sharing their lived experiences with our community and for being open, honest, vulnerable and extremely courageous. I highly encourage you to watch and share today's recording with anyone who works or volunteers in animal well-being as it is important to recognize and address burnout due to the physical and emotional toll animal care takes on us all. I've attached a copy of their presentation slides as well as the resources shared. 

    6/17/24 Weekly Community Conversations Call Recap

    • Welcome from hosts
    • Question of the day: How do you extend care and support to your communities within and outside animal welfare?
      • "Volunteer, internship opportunities" - Shannon Dickerson
      • "pet food pantry" - Michele Brown
      • "We have implemented a Social Work team at our shelter! They provide counseling for staff, while also managing different support groups for fosters and volunteers." - Jory Jolivet
      • "High school student mentoring" - Robin O'Brien
      • "Voucher program for vet services, TNR, vaccinations" - Kate Marshall
      • "free microchipping events, meet and greet to our new social worker and TNR programs." - Michelle Russillo
      • "Spay and Neuter assistance, food pantry, free vax clinic 3 times a year, microchipping" - Elise Blue
      • "Community pet food drive-thru, educational programs, TNR, etc." - Paige Young
      • "We also have a community-focused program that works with individuals to help them retain ownership of their pets through hardship that may otherwise require them to surrender. That program also hosts community clinics for low-income community members." - Jory Jolivet
      • "voucher program, microchip & vaccine clinics, professional training vouchers, behvioral assistance, pet food pantry, shop the boulevard fundraisers that promote shopping at local stores for events where a % of proceeds also come to the local shelter pets, and so much more :)" - Lola Victor
      • "Resources for people with pets in crisis (unhoused, domestic violence, addiction)" - Shannon Dickerson
      • "Volunteering, donating when I can!" - Irene Chansawang
      • "Sol Dog Lodge isn't a rescue, although we do take dogs from people in crisis or otherwise need us to care for their dog(s) or provide them with training or other types of help. We offer support to the shelter and any dog rescue or adoption group who need our help with difficult dogs." - Mary Flores
      • "TNR, volunteering, pet pantry. Running pets to vet. Transport to TNR." - Janette Martin
      • "Wellness Fairs, pet food pantries, pet deposit support, emergency pet transport,  direct-delivery pet care kits for seniors, community in-reach, emergency boarding assistance, experiential learning (previously humane education), behavior helpline, care navigation" - Lydia Krupinski
      • "We provide spay and neuter for low-income households and work through a network of other local organizations to help those households with dentals, emergency surgery like pyos, amputations, enucleations and more." - Karin Baker
      • "Sage Compassion for Animals provides financial support to pet families who cannot afford emergency veterinary care. We keep families together and work at the intersection of Human Services and Animal Welfare!" - Lisa Coscino
      • "Our shelter, Yellowstone valley shelter animal does safety net fostering for low-income people going into the hospital or rehab so they can go take care of themselves. We also have a low-cost preventive care and medical care and surgical care for home bound and low income seniors. We also offer people in emergency situations the option of surrendering their pets to the shelter so we can provide lifesaving or expensive medical care so they can adopt them back when they are healed. We do low-cost vaccine microchip and surgery clinics also." - Lisa Brinlee
      • "Hello everyone We are Only Kindness Rescue, a small rescue focusing on overlooked, underserved animals. We created an ordinance that permits TNR in town, care for colonies and developed a program for the local university students to engage, educate and encourage to demystify negative connotations in animal rescue and be the next generation of change makers." - Mary Linn Lombardo
      • "Robinson's Rescue here!  High Quality Low-no cost spay/neuter services and rabies at the time of surgery.  We also collaborate with over 30 rescues and shelters to provide spay/neuter services." - Alexis Svehla
      • "Hi everyone, (Rachel) KSPCA here, located in Mombasa Kenya, Africa. We are the only animals shelter serving animals and communities in need through rescue, rehab, and rehome. We have also rolled out a new TNR program this year as well. I'm so excited to be here today and be a part of this community!!💝🐾" - Rachel Griffith

    • National Updates
    • Today's Presentation: Healing Justice for Trauma Experienced in The Workplace
    • Highlights from the Chat
      • "I have so been waiting on this webinar!" - Nicole King
      • "That definition is how my body and mind feel daily right now." - Shanna Gundlach
      • "Wow, I am burned out" - Karin Baker
      • "Great points about Gen Z!" - Irene Chansawang
      • "So much support for you here, Nadia! ✊🏿❤️" - Shonyae Johnson
      • "Hi everyone, Daniella from The Kennedy Puppy Foundation here. So glad to share this space and time with all of you and I'm always excited to learn with such a beautiful group of people 💞💞" - Kenni Kennedy
      • "Thank you, Nadia, you are so inspiring and are making a huge difference!" - Kelly Miott
      • "Thank you for sharing Nadia! You speaking up/out is healing to other BIPOC folks who have gone through similar situations but don't feel safe speaking on it 🤎" - Miguel Ruelas
      • "I would like to believe that speaking up works but it worked against me.." - Nicole King
      • "thanks for talking about being a mom." - Kelly Miott
      • "I so appreciate hearing this experience spoken out loud...." - Nicole King
      • "Burnout is never as obvious as when you are called out on it from your kids." - Shanna Gundlach
      • "Thank you both for being vulnerable and sharing...I cannot stress how much it meant to hear my emotions, experiences, and thoughts validated!" - Nicole King
      • "We discuss burnout daily and check in with each other. Thank you for this discussion, it is extremely validating that we are on the right track." - Mikhaila Worle
      • "Thank you, Nadia and Ivy, for being so brave and share your personal experiences. We need to respect all perspectives." - Julielani Chang
      • "Thank you both for sharing your experience and advocating for justice and healing." - Allison Cardona
      • "Thank you for sharing and advocating.  Workplace trauma has taken me so long to recover from and to know I am not alone always helps." - Carolyn Gardner
      • "this. breaks. my. heart. If anyone ever said anything like this about me or my team I would be horrified. Managers, we have to do better AND be willing to attend these talks with open minds and hearts." - Kelly Miott
      • "Thank you, Nadia and Ivy, for your courage to share your lived experiences aloud." - Sharon @Maddie's Fund
      • "Thank you for pointing that out, Nadia. Not all income is disposable for many individuals with different needs, and focusing on non-allocated fund availability is important." - Shonyae Johnson
      • "Dismantling rugged individualism--so important and so hard on a personal level, but it also shows up in animal welfare narratives too. Glad we are working on shifting this!" - Elise Winn
      • "Thank you for sharing your experiences!!" - Kendall Wapner
      • "Thank you both for your vulnerability and sharing." - Azalia Boyd
      • "Thank you for sharing such personal experiences and your growth - both of you are so brave and worked so hard to heal" - Beth Porter
      • "This is wonderful information!  Thank you for sharing your experiences!!!  Its not always easy to discuss these feelings and I appreciate your courage!  I have learned a lot from this!" - Michele Brown
      • "Thank you for sharing your strength and journeys." - Janette Martin
      • "navigating indirect attacks is not easy" - Nicole King
      • "So much courage and vulnerability. Thank you, Nadia and Ivy, for sharing so others who can relate know that they are not alone." - Geraldine D'Silva
      • "I started a non-profit to help with the rescue community and was hit with backlash about it. It has been a rough 11 months." - Kim Jackson
        • "It was supposed to help the existing rescue community to provide veterinarian care, spay, and neuter surgeries. After everything happened after founding the np, we had to start adopting animals out ourselves." - Kim Jackson
        • "Rescues wanted our help when we were just taking animals and not asking for vet records. if an animal was sick, we would take it to the vet and pay for the visit. no one liked that. I lost several 'friends' because of this" - Kim Jackson
      • "We rotate a staff emergency phone for this exact reason!" - Mikhaila Worle
      • "Modeling a healthy work/life balance is so hard BUT essential!" - Shanna Gundlach
      • "It's about communication. Our team is trained to respond back to staff that is not working, to 'enjoy your day off please'" - Mikhaila Worle
      • "Thank you both for sharing your experiences and vulnerability. 💛" - Chumkee Aziz
      • "Thank you for the info and resources." - Penny Leisch
      • "Thank you all for this amazing presentation!" - Mikhaila Worle
      • "Thank you, both, for sharing your relatable experiences and complex topics. Beautifully done." - Irene Chansawang
      • "I will definitely go back and watch this." - Kim Jackson
      • "Thank you both for sharing" - Chris Fitzgerald
      • "Thank you for your presentation 🙂" - Annette Bedsworth
      • "Thank you both!!!!!! ❤️" - Shonyae Johnson
      • "Thank you SO SO MUCH!" - Lydia Krupinski
      • "Thank you so much for your presentation and for sharing your thoughts, perspectives, and selves!!" - Mary Flores
      • "So appreciative of your sharing- thank you!!!" - Erica Shumacher
      • "<3 thank you!" - Yvonne Haddox
      • "Thank you, Nadia and Ivy ❤️" - Rebecca Stuntebeck
      • "Powerful presentation!" - Elise Winn
      • "Thank you for this!! It's nice to hear other experiences." - CaSandra Nash

    Charlotte Otero
    Community Strategist at Maddie's Fund