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Dallas Pets Are Family community resource event

  • 1.  Dallas Pets Are Family community resource event

    Posted 06-22-2022 10:57 AM
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    We just wanted to share the details of this amazing event in Dallas earlier this month!

    Aiming to distribute 30,000lbs. of food as an initial goal, we brought together 11 different organizations more than half of which were local organizations. The idea ballooned from just food to food, supplies, onsite wellness veterinary care, spay/neuter appointments, and access and connection to other resources. Ultimately we served over 500 animals and distributed 42,000lbs of food, plus supplies. 

    There were so many things that made the event a success but the most important were:

    1. Everyone came to the table and had something to offer - not just ideas but actual resources
    2. CUDDLY provided wishlists, marketing, and messaging that was coordinated, ensuring our participants were always working together, saying the same thing - this helped maximize donations (all product was donated!) as well as attendance
    2. We brought the event to the community - a local Baptist church heavily entrenched in community service in the area hosted us and spread the word about the event (this was critical as an already trusted leader!)
    3. We required no qualifications to recieve support - but we did collect client information so follow up could happen and additional resources and support offered

    CUDDLY had an awesome time coordinating the event and couldn't be happier with how things turned out. The local groups are now talking about doing an event quarterly, which is an incredible outcome for this little experiment. We've already begun talking with an organization in another city about the possibility of bringing together groups there to do the same kind of event and would be happy to talk with anyone else who thinks it could work in their area! 


    Aurora Velazquez
    Director of Pet Pantry, CUDDLY