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  • 1.  Elder dog hormonal issues

    Posted 06-24-2022 01:34 PM


    My Cockapoo is 12 years old. Unfortunately, she has not been sterilized as it was not accessible in my country or was poorly managed...

    This year she has developed several issues. She continues dripping urine after finishing peening. The vet advised to give her some antibiotics and after a few days, she had bleeding from her vagina. Ultrasound was performed and we were told that because of hormonal issues her heat started early and she does have hormonal imbalance but she doesn't have pyometra or anything urgent in her stomach... She is very clean and always licks so even during her young age we could never see blood, her ''period'' was some mixed liquid. But this time for a few days she had real blood with a metallic smell. One month has passed and we thought we are over it and yesterday she started bleeding again. She is active, eats well. I took her to Ultrasound just in case and she told me there was nothing urgent in her organs... She has a tiny tumor/adenoma in her vagina and maybe it should be removed but all the procedures give me anxiety as she is not young anymore and sterilizing her now might be a risk... We were told is type of adenomas can even be removed by hand as it has some root attached to vagina which also sounds a bit weird.

    Please let me know what are your thoughts and what would you advise. We don't have vets that I trust here. One is actively saying that we should sterilize her now when all the others are against it...

    Hopefully, she runs and is active as a young puppy and it gives me hope...

    Many thanks! 


    Natalie J