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FHO Surgery Fundraiser for Lola the Foster

  • 1.  FHO Surgery Fundraiser for Lola the Foster

    Posted 12-07-2022 10:49 AM
    Hi everyone!!
    I decided to start fostering dogs from the same high-kill shelter where I got my current dog. I took on my first foster a little over 3 weeks ago, I wasn't aware of it at the time, but she has a broken/dislocated hip. I was told it was just sprained and that x-rays would not be provided. She continued to limp, seemingly getting worse at times. 

    I wasn't about to watch her continue living in pain so I paid to get x-rays taken by my personal vet. Unfortunately this when we discovered she would need FHO surgery. This city refuses to help and only offered amputation if they had the resources to do so. I'm going to be getting her the surgery she needs regardless of how much, but I have started a GoFundMe to raise enough to cover half of the surgery costs. I won't have all the funds until mid January but she's in pain and I don't want to keep her waiting, which is why I started fundraising. 

    She's currently on some pain meds prescribed by my vet and being kept as comfortable as possible, but the meds are only a temporary solution. If I can get enough people to donate $5-$10, I know we'll be able to reach our goal. If you aren't able to donate, please consider sharing the GoFundMe link with your friends and family.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for helping give me foster a second chance at life!!

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    Save a Leg, organized by Kamryn Harms
    Give the gift of walking this holiday season by donating to save an adorable dog's leg! Lola is a golden retriever/labrador mix from Animal Care Services (ACS) in San Antonio, TX - one of the United States' ten highest intake shelters.
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