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  • 1.  FREE WEBINAR? Maximize your Spay/Neuter Program's Efforts? YES, PLEASE!

    Posted 12 days ago

     Join us for an insightful webinar titled, "Beyond the Box Trap: Maximizing the Impact of Your Cat Spay/Neuter Program" on July 16, 2024, at 2:00PM ET. 


    Presented by Stacy LeBaron, host of The Community Cats Podcast and Interim Executive Director for United Spay Alliance, this event will provide invaluable strategies and tools to ensure spay/neuter programs have the greatest impact on the community. 


    In this webinar, Stacy will delve into the Community Cat Pyramid, offering insights on what spay/neuter programs should prioritize to significantly reduce cat intake at shelters. This pyramid consists of four levels:


    • Assisting the Owned Cat Population – The base of the pyramid focuses on indoor-outdoor owned and friendly community cats. By providing low-cost/free spay/neuter services for this group, you can make a significant impact on the overall cat population.

    • Trap, Neuter, Return & Return to Field (TNR/RTF) – The next level involves assisting with trapping and neutering feral cats. While essential, this reactive approach is more labor-intensive. Reducing the need for TNR/RTF is possible by addressing the base level more effectively.

    • Rescue & Adoption – This level focuses on rescuing and adopting cats and kittens. Although important, it is resource-intensive and should not be the primary focus if the goal is to decrease cat overpopulation.

    • Relocation, Sanctuary & Adoption – The top of the pyramid includes relocation, sanctuary, and permanent adoption of cats with behavior issues or those deemed unadoptable. This should be a rare necessity compared to other levels.


    Additionally, attendees will get an exclusive demonstration of the new Community Cat Calculator, a powerful tool designed to help communities adopt a data-driven approach to their spay/neuter initiatives.


    Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your spay/neuter program with expert advice from one of the leading voices in the community cat advocacy movement.

    The webinar is free to attend. Anyone with an interest in cat population management is welcome to attend. To register, click here


    Kendall Wapner
    United Spay Alliance

  • 2.  RE: FREE WEBINAR? Maximize your Spay/Neuter Program's Efforts? YES, PLEASE!

    Posted 12 days ago

    This webinar sounds incredibly informative and essential for anyone involved in cat population management! Stacy LeBaron's expertise and the Community Cat Pyramid framework will be so valuable. Can't wait to see the Community Cat Calculator in action. Thanks for sharing this opportunity!

    Avery Jones