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Fundraising for vet services for pet of the unhoused.

  • 1.  Fundraising for vet services for pet of the unhoused.

    Posted 05-31-2023 10:07 PM

    Last month while volunteering for the Street Dog Coalition, I met DaShawn and his dog Roxy. At the time, I thought he brought Roxy to the free clinic because she got foxtails in her ears but I also overheard he was thinking of rehoming her. I thought the rehoming was because of the vet bills for her foxtail removal so I offered to pay for the vet bill. It turned out out her problem was much bigger than the foxtail. She has a potential heart murmur and she also needs double ACL surgeries. Roxy is only 3 but the vet felt it might be hard to do the surgery with a heart murmur. She needs an echocardiogram and  an X-ray of her knees.  I don't know how much her cardiogram will cost but she has it done tomorrow. Her dad is unhoused. He cannot pay for her vet bills. He has decided to rehome her to give her a better life.  She potentially has an adopter but this is not confirmed. I want to fundraise to help pay for her vet bills. I checked several organizations that offer vet assistance but I don't think DaShawn is going to qualify so I thought maybe GoFundMe is the last resort and best option.  Can someone help me?  I think the echocardiogram is discounted but I don't know how much it will cost. The knee X-rays will be done at UC Davis and cost $350 - not discounted. I want to raise $1000 for Roxy.  If not GoFundMe, I am all ears for suggestions. Thank you in advance for your help. Photo of Roxy. 

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    Julielani Chang
    The Life of Kai: Compassion Connections Inc.
    Davis CA