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  • 1.  How to Share a Resource

    Posted 05-30-2023 02:45 PM

    There are two ways to upload a resource on Maddie's Pet Forum
    1 - by attaching it to a discussion thread OR 
    2 - by uploading a resource directly to the resource library.

    A resource in this instance is defined as a file (Word doc, PDF, image, etc.), hyperlink or YouTube video. 

    Attach A Resource To Your Discussion or Reply

    The easiest way to share resources on an existing thread is to select the "Reply" button to open the section to write your comment.

    You can tell us information about your resource in the comment box. When you're ready to attach your file(s), select the "Upload file" button:

    You'll then be taken to this screen to allow you to select the file or files you'd like to attach to your reply. You can attach more than one:

    Once you've selected the file or files from your device, select the "Upload" button:

    You'll know your files are attached when you see the file name next to a trash can icon. Once you've selected all your files and you've written your comment, click the Post button:

    Our admin team will handle the rest of organizing the folder location of your file or files. It may take a few moments for your resources to be uploaded to the comment. To attach a resource to a new discussion that you're starting, use the same "Upload a File" button as described above. 

    Upload a Resource Directly to the Resource Library

    To upload a resource directly to the resource library, select the "Create" button on the top right of your screen then select "Library Entry".

    You'll be taken to this "Add an Entry" page where you can tell the community all about the resource(s) you will be sharing. 

    • In the "Library" field, select "Animal Welfare Professionals" from the dropdown to share with the main community. 

    • From the Folder field, you can select an existing folder that most closely relates to your resource. If you don't see one, leave as is [Select Folder] and it'll be added to the main section of the Animal Welfare Professionals resource library.

    • In the description field, tell us about the resource(s) you are uploading. Let us know the use case and details about how the resource was created. If you're sharing a resource you didn't create, be sure to credit the person or organization that created it. 

    • In the Topics dropdown, select 1-3 topics that most closely relate to your resource(s). 

    • In the "Entry Type" dropdown, select the type of library entry you will create. The most commonly used type is "Standard File Upload". This means you have the resource downloaded as a file on your device. The second most used resource is the "Hyperlink" option which means that the resource lives somewhere on the web and you will be entering the URL for the resource to be added to the library.

    • You can add a custom thumbnail image if you'd like! If not, a thumbnail will be auto-generated for your entry based on the entry type. The custom option allows you to select your own image to show alongside your entry. If using this option, use a landscape image that measures at least 1200px x 600px. 

    Select the "Next" button. If you selected "Standard File Upload" you'll see the following page. Select "Choose and Upload" to being adding your files.

    Select Files to Upload by clicking in the middle of this pop-up or you can drag and drop items to this screen:
    Once you've selected the file you want to upload, click the "Upload" button. 

    You should now see the file name(s) of the file(s) you've selected to upload. Click the "Next" button to describe the files or click "Finish" to post your resource(s).

    If you choose to describe your files, enter a title and a description in the fields below. When you're satisfied with the title and description, click "Finish" to publish your resource(s).

    Hyperlinking a Resource

    If you're choosing to hyperlink a resource, select "Hyperlink" from the Library Entry Type and select "Next". You'll be taken to the following page:

    Enter the URL of the resource in the "Link URL" field. This is required. You can also add "Link Text" in the field below but this is optional. Entering "Link text" will hyperlink the link text you enter and show that on the library entry page instead of the full URL. For example if we enter "Maddie's Pet Forum" in the Link text, the library entry will show
    Maddie's Pet Forum instead of "" on the entry page. Click "Finish" to publish your library entry. 

    If you have any questions or need any help with your library entries, contact

    Maddie's Pet Forum Admin
    Maddie's Fund