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Leadership role available at DFW Humane Society in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

  • 1.  Leadership role available at DFW Humane Society in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

    Posted 01-24-2023 01:32 PM

    About the job

    Position Overview

    Shelter Operations Manager is responsible for the following functional areas: Client Services, Human Resources, and Facilities. Hires and directly supervises the staff member(s) in charge of Client Services, Finance, Development and Marketing, and Facilities. Manages the Human Resources functions. Serves as the primary liaison to the City of Irving and Irving Animal Services and the DFW Humane Society Board of Directors.

    This is a full-time, exempt position. Salary based on experience, range of $45k- 99k. 

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    Client Services

    • Hires & Manages the Supervisor of Marketing and Development.
    • Hires and trains new Client Services staff.
    • Creates and implements new Client Services programs.
    • Maintains/creates new handouts for client training.
    • Oversees adoption programs including training programs, regular meetings, and handbook as well as services agreement with the City of Irving.
    • Determine work procedures, prepare work schedules, and expedite workflow; study and standardize procedures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of animal services operations.

    Human Resources

    • Screens, interviews, hires and terminates staff members reporting to the Shelter Operations Manager.
    • Manages pay increases, promotions, and terminations.
    • Maintains the Employee Handbook.
    • Monitors Employee Handbook policy and procedure compliance issues.
    • Plans and implements staff meetings.
    • Mediates Human Resource issues.
    • Oversees OSHA and HIPAA compliance.


    • Manages all personnel.
    • Ensures that facility and equipment are in good working order.
    • Executes and maintains contracts with City of Irving partners, third-party facilities contractors, and suppliers.
    • Ensures that annual performance reviews are conducted.

    Shelter Animals

    • Provides a safe, clean, healthy, and enjoyable environment for shelter animals.
    • Develops and maintains a consistent and humane procedure for accepting animals into the shelter; makes every effort not to accept animals that may pose a threat to people.
    • Maintains a strong program for preventing the spread of infectious animal diseases throughout the shelter.
    • Makes arrangements to treat and provide appropriate care for and sick and injured animals, maintaining appropriate medical records.
    • Maintains accurate and complete records on all shelter animals.


    • Identifies and makes contractual arrangements with veterinarians who offer special service arrangements to the organization's clients' animals. Regularly evaluates client satisfaction with these services.

    Kennel Staff

    • Develops and updates written standards and procedures for caring for animals in the kennels and cat rooms.
    • Develops and updates written standards and procedures for cleaning: Animal areas: kennels, cat room, grooming room, food room, new arrival room, the get-acquainted room, and laundry room. All offices, all staff areas, and all public areas.

    Programs and Services

    • Assists Board in the formulation and implementation of policies and in the development of short and long-range plans for the organization's programs and services.
    • Evaluates existing and proposed programs and services and recommend any changes to Board.
    • Recommends and provides input on the development of new programs and services.
    • Ensures that animal health-care standards, shelter facility, and property are maintained in a professional and high-quality manner consistent with the organization's goals.

    Financial Management

    • Works with Treasurer, and Finance Committee to ensure ongoing financial viability and financial management operations of the organization.
    • Ensures that the annual budget is prepared for presentation and reviewed by Finance Committee and Board.
    • Ensures that expenditures stay within budget limits.
    • Works with Treasurer and Bookkeeper to ensure the preparation of monthly financial cash flow and balance statements.
    • Assists as needed in the preparation of an independent financial audit.
    • Works with Treasurer, Office Manager, and Bookkeeper to ensure the use of generally accepted bookkeeping and accounting procedures. Works with Treasurer, Office Manager, and Bookkeeper to ensure the timely submission of all tax and other reports required by Federal, state, or local law, including income, sales, and employment tax reports required by the IRS, Texas Workforce Commission, etc.
    • Maintains appropriate and adequate property and liability insurance policies.


    • Supervisory or leadership experience in an animal shelter environment required
    • Able to supervise and create strong and positive team relationships with staff and volunteers
    • Strong interpersonal skills for management of staff, volunteers, vendors/contractors, and interface with the public
    • Experience with and excellence in customer service and the ability to set an example for the staff on polished, positive public interactions
    • Demonstrated ability to work with and handle stressed, injured, and possibly aggressive animals safely and humanely
    • Knowledgeable in: animal behavior, health, and well-being that includes nutritional needs; resources of where to seek information; knowledge of common animal diseases, treatments, and vaccinations
    • Staff management experience and ability to positively motivate others
    • Self-starter, facilitator, organizer, and innovator
    • Able to plan and implement with little supervision and able to work independently.
    • Able to multi-task, prioritize in line with organizational priorities, deal with a certain level of expected chaos and be able to meet deadlines
    • High level of written and verbal communication skills
    • High proficiency with computers – including shelter management software (Petpoint), Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other databases and websites commonly used
    • Valid driver's license and clean driving record
    • Able to keep a cool head during fast-paced days and delegate available staff and resources to accomplish goals
    • Ability to reach with hands and arms, stand, walk, sit, stoop, kneel, or crouch and lift and/or move up to 50 pounds

    About the DFW Humane Society

    Founded in 1967, DFW Humane Society provides shelter and care for homeless, neglected, and unwanted pets and gives them a second chance in life through adoption. We house approximately 80-100 pets at any given time, and they remain with us until they find their forever home.


    Amanda Rainey
    SPCA of Texas