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Let's talk kennel signage!

  • 1.  Let's talk kennel signage!

    Posted 06-15-2022 08:15 AM
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    We are having a discussion currently about barriers for our long-stay dogs.   A question that came up was if intake dates on the cards can turn adopters off of dogs who have been in-shelter for a long period?  Curious if anyone has any thoughts (or data!) one one side or the other?  

    Also, does anyone have an auto-generated QR code on your kennel cards?   We would LOVE to feature our online bios on the kennels, but are having a hard time creating a process to get them on in a timely manner. 

    Also, if anyone loves their kennel signage (or has some cool extras they add to kennels to help market long-stays!) we would love to see some other examples to help spark our creativity!  I've attached a picture of our current kennel cards.   And here is a great link if this has started you thinking of updating signage: Little card, big message  



    Katie Hutchinson
    Pima Animal Care Center


    pacc kennel card.pdf   219 KB 1 version