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  • 1.  Low Cost Public Medical Services

    Posted 05-29-2024 06:09 PM


    What medical care/services/programs do you offer for publicly owned animals? How did you start up those programs?

    With the resources we currently have we are limited in what medical services we are able to offer to the public, but we are working through a capital campaign and have begun a partnership with a new vet school so it is very possible we will be able to expand our reach in the future.

    Currently we offer offer low cost spay & neuter clinics, low cost vaccine clinics, and free TNR clinics.

    Looking for ideas of how to better serve the needs of pet owners in our community! Thank you


    Riley Bailey
    Spay & Neuter Clinic Manger
    Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter

  • 2.  RE: Low Cost Public Medical Services

    Posted 06-10-2024 02:37 PM

    The Pets for Life programs around the country offer varying levels of medical care and different types. What is offered depends on what the community says they need. Sometimes everybody wants vaccines, sometimes fleas are big issue, other areas have worm problems, etc. It also depends on funding. Most groups do deworming but few if any do heartworm treatment. They might fund an amputation but not the full leg/bone repair surgery.

    Our team in Philly often works with a local vet school so if you want to chat with someone about that let me know.

    Maria Saucedo
    GIS Analyst
    Pets for Life at HSUS
    Baltimore, MD