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Maddie's® Candid Conversation with Elijah Brice-Middleton

  • 1.  Maddie's® Candid Conversation with Elijah Brice-Middleton

    Posted 16 days ago

    Join us for a brand new season of open, informal 30-minute conversations including Q+A with influential BIPOC leaders in our field. You will be inspired by each speaker's pathway to promoting equity, inclusion and diversity in their daily work.

    Wednesday, August 24, 2022 at 12noon Pacific.


    In our Season 2 premiere, Elijah Brice-Middleton, Director at Plainfield Area Humane Society (PAHS) in New Jersey, reveals the values and skills he uses to face challenges of being, in his words, "a brown face in a white world." Maddie's Fund Executive Leadership Team member @Mary Ippoliti-Smith hosts the discussion and Q+A.

    Growing up in a household that cared for a menagerie of dogs, cats, snakes, monkeys, tarantulas and a bird named Diablo, Elijah learned early on to love all living creatures. That passion drove him to undergraduate degrees in behavioral ecology and evolutionary biology. On his way to a PhD in ecology, he realized something was missing. After a stint in the financial technologies sector on Wall Street, a happy, accidental interview led him into the field of animal well-being - and straight into the kennels of Animal Care Centers of New York. Now, as a leader at PAHS, he advocates cultivating the talents of his team so they have what they need to excel as professionals.

    Afterwards, continue the conversation with Elijah right here on Maddie's Pet Forum.

    The program will be recorded and made available on Maddie's University for continuing education credit for both CAWA and NACA.

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