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  • 1.  Microchips

    Posted 11 days ago

    Microchips are one of the best tools for reuniting pets with their owners, but how can we make sure they are being used to their full advantage?

    Our shelter is grateful to any pet owner that has their pet chipped.  It's very satisfying to be able to reunite people with their lost pets.

    The flip side of this is when people do not update/change or even register owner information with the microchip company.  So our excitement when we find a chip in an animal turns into disappointment when we realize we have nothing to trace or the contact information is no longer any good.

    When adopting out a pet if we are doing the microchipping we know the information is good, and we always remind them to PLEASE CONTACT THE CHIP COMPANY IF ANY INFORMATION CHANGES. 

    If the pet has a chip from another company we give the adopter all of the company's contact information and stress to them how important it is to get the chip changed. At that point all we can do is hope they did it, as we do not have enough people to handle all of the chip transfers from adoptions. 

    This is such a great tool,  I want to make sure pet owners are taking full advantage of it.


    Christi McQuaid
    Administrative Specialist
    Cobb County Animal Services

  • 2.  RE: Microchips

    Posted 9 days ago

    Hey Christi, 

    Great questions! In my experience we saw the best results when we (shelter staff)  registered microchips at the time of adoption and RTO. If you have the ability you can contact the microchip company to see if there is an automation process  within your shelter system. Also consider adding a Microchip kiosk/station (virtual and in person) that can educate and encourage people to keep  microchip information current. 

    rachel williams