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  • 1.  March 2023 Resource Drive: Welcoming Practices

    Posted 03-01-2023 03:48 PM
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    This month our resource drive is focused on welcoming practices. We know that making changes to your organization's existing practices can sometimes be challenging so the goal with this resource drive is to share and learn from others who have made changes or help those who are hoping to make specific changes to intentionally connect with all areas of your community.

    What are welcoming practices?

    The goal of incorporating welcoming practices is to increase inclusivity and provide a welcoming environment for all staff (paid and unpaid) and community members; and keeping pets with people when possible. What that looks like is different for every organization. It can be as simple as returning voicemails in a timely manner, providing literature in multiple languages or completely rewriting or doing away with the adoption application, to undertaking bias training or choosing new neighborhoods for adoption events.

    You can look at welcoming practices & programs to ensure:

    1. Processes are equitable and inclusive

    2. Customer success is ensured through customer service

    3. Marketing is inclusive of all areas of your community

    4. Organization embraces an open and welcoming culture

    5. Organization creates partnerships with organizations

    I've attached examples of these welcoming practices and suggestions for action items your organization can look into. 

    How to Participate in this Resource Drive?

    1. Upload or Share examples of changes you've made to be more welcoming and inclusive of your community on this thread

    2. Reply with a request for a specific resource you NEED or a question related to welcoming practices

    What Should You Share?

    • Have you translated any of your organization's materials? Tell us what that experience was like, what tools you used and attach the handout or file to this thread!

    • Training resources you used to address bias or learn more about welcoming practices

    • Tell us about how you recruited your volunteers or staff and how do you keep them engaged

    • Have you updated any policies to be more inclusive? Tell us about the changes you made and which members of your community you focused your efforts on.

    Where Will the Resources be Stored? How do I view them? 

    All welcoming practices related resources shared on this thread will be accessible in the "Welcoming Practices" folder in the Maddie's Pet Forum Library:

    Share & You'll Be Entered To Win

    Everyone who uploads a file, shares a resource on this thread or replies with information or questions about welcoming practices during the month of March 2023 will be entered to win a $50 gift card to Amazon, Petco or PetSmart (winner's choice).

    Your contributions will also make you eligible for the $3k monthly grant giveaway on Maddie's Pet Forum. You can learn more about this giveaway here. 

    Pro-Tips for sharing resources: 

    • Use the "Upload File" button when replying to this thread to attach a file. We encourage you to attach the file versus hyperlinking to the file whenever possible. Files that are attached get automatically added to the Maddie's Pet Forum Resource Library so attaching helps make the resource searchable and improves accessibility within the forum.

    • Yes, you can share resources that your organization did not create. Sharing is caring and this applies to resources too! Make sure the creator allows the resource to be shared publicly and be sure to give credit to the creator or source organization.


    Charlotte Otero
    Community Strategist at Maddie's Fund


  • 2.  RE: March 2023 Resource Drive: Welcoming Practices

    Posted 03-13-2023 09:11 AM

    We have recently partnered with a local organization, Casa Latina -  a non-profit agency that addresses the needs of the local Spanish-speaking community.  They are helping us translate many materials this month as we prepare for the April Open Arms Challenge! So exciting!   And we are also planning an adoption event in their parking lot in April during an already scheduled dental clinic!  

    Carol Jessee
    Angels of Assisi

  • 3.  RE: March 2023 Resource Drive: Welcoming Practices

    Posted 03-29-2023 07:58 AM

    @Carol Jessee That is wonderful to hear! What a great way to partner with existing, trusted resources in the community.

    Allison Cardona
    UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program

  • 4.  RE: March 2023 Resource Drive: Welcoming Practices

    Posted 03-31-2023 07:44 AM
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    We are a government facility in North Georgia so we looked to our internal county resources for translation help.  I reached out to a retired Spanish professor that immigrated from Cuba with her family when she was young. She tests and certifies our county's Sheriffs Dept, Marshals Office and ACO's for bi-lingual status. She was more than happy to assist in translating and integrating our existing and future programs more inclusive of the Latino community.   **Attached is our Free Microchip Promo translated into Spanish.

    Lorissa Kekel
    Cherokee County Animal Shelter
    Canton GA

  • 5.  RE: March 2023 Resource Drive: Welcoming Practices

    Posted 04-03-2023 04:21 PM

    Congratulations, @Lorissa Kekel ! 👏

    Thank you for sharing how your organization tapped into your internal county resources for translation help and for sharing an example of your translated free microchip promo. You've been randomly selected as the resource drive winner for March so you will be receiving a $50 gift card as a token of our appreciation. Be on the lookout for a private message from me with details.  Thanks again for sharing your resources in the forum! 

    Kim Domerofski (she/her)
    Community Manager
    Maddie's Fund