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    Posted 02-06-2023 01:39 PM
    What have you found are best ways to convince pet owners who are completely averse to spaying and neutering,  to spay/neuter the pets they already have, when they adopt an animal from your shelter/rescue?

    Nicky Jones
    Development Director
    Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center


    Posted 02-07-2023 06:06 PM
    We are a rescue, and we do three things
    If the dog is too young to be spayed/neutered by us, the adopter signs our Adoption agreement that includes his undertaking to sterilize the dog.
    We microchip the dogs, and those who are not fixed yet are registered to our rescue. Adopters know that after they're set, the chip will be registered under their name
    And last, we offer a small refund for each adopter when he sends the invoice for the spay/neuter

    Tammy Fabian
    Executive Director
    Friends For Life Animal Rescue


    Posted 02-07-2023 06:14 PM
    We won't spay/neuter if a dog is less than six(6) months of age. So, in our adoption contract, the adopter agrees to have the procedure done between the 6th-7th month of age, and we issue a pre-paid voucher if they choose to use one of our 2 vet clinics (we have hefty discounts there & we don't have a spay/neuter clinic in our area).    If the adopter lives far away, they tend to just do it themselves.  We ask them to send us a copy of the medical records once the procedure is completed.  We set a note in our calendar to fup to ensure they all get done.

    Cindy Shotwell
    Founder/Executive Director
    Must Luv Dogs Rescue