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  • 1.  Tips for growing Foster Program?

    Posted 03-13-2023 05:28 PM

    We're a rescue with about 25 Dog/Cat Fosters and over 150 'volunteers'.  I'm looking for ideas to help convert those volunteers to Fosters, or engage new fosters to at least double our program in the next 12 months.  No idea/tip is too big or too small.. Thanks in advance. 


    Linda Laun
    Grant's Author
    AdoptMe Bluegrass Pet Rescue

  • 2.  RE: Tips for growing Foster Program?

    Posted 03-14-2023 08:23 AM

    Hi Linda, 

    We recently grew our foster program by quite a bit. We did this by creating a marketing campaign and changing how we offered our foster training. We hired a videographer to come out and create a compelling foster video. We then created a marketing campaign around that. We used social media, e-blasts to our whole lists (including donors/supporters), and pushed the campaign out to all of our media contacts (newspaper, TV, radio, etc). 

    We changed our foster training by creating an online video and quiz so that community members could get trained at their own leisure. So instead of offering in-person foster training, we send out a pre-recorded training with a quiz attached. We used the platform Prezi for the training and then uploaded that to our Google Drive and embedded the training into the quiz which all fosters have to take in order to enter our foster program. I think changing the way we offer training has really helped.

    So not only did we really promote our foster program through a marketing campaign, but we made it easier for community members to get involved. 

    Here is a link to our foster page and video: 

    Erin Ellis
    Community Engagement Director
    Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe

    Foster Program & Volunteer Management Specialist