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  • 1.  transfer protocols

    Posted 09-29-2022 12:55 PM
    Hello! We are wanting to streamline our transfer-in process. Does anyone have any protocols they would like to share? Our system is very inefficient right now and I would like to see what other orgs do. Currently, we get the candidates' medical/bx history and it has to get reviewed by a supervisor and medical staff for approval. This sounds simple but it takes a fair amount of time so I am wondering if anyone has protocols from their med staff that clearly outlines "yes this, no that, maybe this..." that they use for transferring in animals.  Also, I am curious about what other orgs do for assessing animals that get transferred in- do you individually handle each animal, go on a description and history from the O.G. shelter, some other option, etc.?  

    I have reviewed the information in the Maddies fund resources for transfer and it was good, but not exactly what I was looking for. 

    Thank you!

    Paige Kim
    Irvine Animal Care Center

  • 2.  RE: transfer protocols

    Posted 10-03-2022 12:30 PM
    I would reach out to some of the big orgs that do a lot of transfer in.  St. Hubert's in New Jersey, Brandywine Valley SPCA in PA/DE, Animal Humane in Minnesota. These guys do it almost every day so I'm sure they have some great protocols to provide!​

    Alexis Pugh
    Director, Memphis Animal Services

    Organizational Management
    & Pet Support Services Specialist