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Transfer Request/ Ask List ?

  • 1.  Transfer Request/ Ask List ?

    Posted 07-21-2022 08:32 AM
    Good morning!

    I have a very basic answer to my question- which would just be keeping a list with shelter names and dates.

    I coordinate our transfer program, which usually means that we act as a destination shelter. However, this summer the program has been paused for a bit.. and I'm not sure when we'll be in a position to rev back up (when we start to have comfortable/ adequate space.)

    Anyway- I've been jotting down names and dates as I get 'asks' from my existing shelter partners and new shelter partners, so that when we do have the green light to start transfers again- I can be at the ready and get things scheduled.

    I'm reaching out to see if anyone has any handy Excel documents or a good way to track as these asks come through? I'm always searching for a good working document to make life easier and organized, and I'm having a creativity block on how to make something helpful past just a generic list.

    I figured I would put the ask here and see if anyone had input.

    Thank you in advance and I hope this summer is treating y'all well. Be kind to yourselves.

    Kaitlin Coley
    Transfer & Rescue Coordinator
    SPCA Tampa Bay
    Largo, FL (Pinellas County)