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Volunteer-staffed hospital/recovery program for community cats

  • 1.  Volunteer-staffed hospital/recovery program for community cats

    Posted 03-20-2023 08:16 AM

    Kotor Kitties is a nonprofit/NGO dedicated to HQHVSN and TNR of community cats in the under-resourced country of Montenegro.  We hope to s/n 3,000 cats this year.

    The veterinary clinics here are small, with no recovery space for animals; housing is also very small and cramped.  So our second challenge, after funding, is recovering animals--especially those who need more than a night of observation.  Case in point:  I currently have a frightened female caged in my kitchen because of a large hernia repair along with her spay; another heavily-pregnant cat was spayed and was supposed to be held/observed for 5 days, but she escaped the make-shift cage and is now lost in unfamiliar territory.  :  (

    We're thinking of remodeling a garage into a recovery space next to our primary vet clinic.  Capacity would be 3-4 cages of quarantine plus space for 2 divided feral cat recovery cages, and 5-6  cages non-quarantine plus 3 divided feral cat cages plus up to 5 traps or carriers.  So max population would be 6 quarantine and  9 for extended care, plus up to 5 overnight-only.   There will be laundry facilities, a small refrigerator for meds and a large sink.

    Our plan is to "staff" the cleaning, feeding, and record-keeping with volunteers, since there is no available staff or budget.. and we frankly want a higher standard of care than is usual here.   A veterinarian has volunteered to develop protocols and she along with a human doctor (and TNR enthusiast) that works nearby will train and supervise the volunteers for us.

    Has anybody else done something like this, and if so do you have protocols we could review as starting models?  It will be a sort of shelter/s/n clinic/vet hospital hybrid.

    Thanks for any help!


    April King
    Volunteer and Board Member
    Kotor Kitties
    +1 206 407 5336