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  • 1.  We need a better place to buy Rescue

    Posted 05-23-2023 07:56 AM

    Our supplier for Rescue just raised their price a lot, does anyone know of a place to buy barrels of the stuff?


    Andrew Jergens
    Board President
    The Scratching Post

  • 2.  RE: We need a better place to buy Rescue

    Posted 06-07-2023 02:23 PM

    Hi Andrew,

    I work for a large municipal shelter and we go through drums of Rescue concentrate each month. We are able to purchase large amounts of it through Patterson Veterinary, although I think you need to have a veterinarian on staff to create an account.

    It looks like they have a Nonprofit Animal Shelter Program, so they may be able to provide you with their manufacturer information or an alternate way to order barrels of Rescue if you reach out to them. I'm not sure if I am allowed to provide the link, but you should be able to find the information by Googling it.

    I wish you the best of luck!

    Kylie Swanson
    Accounting Specialist
    Maricopa County Animal Care and Control