Human Animal Support Services (HASS) Toolkits

Welcome to the Human Animal Support Services (HASS) toolkits page on Maddie's Pet Forum. This is your destination to access all of the HASS Toolkits including discussion threads related to each toolkit. We encourage you to use the discussion threads to ask questions and share feedback about each of the toolkits. Members of the HASS team will be available to help you during the planning, implementation and all other phases of the utilization of these toolkits in your shelter, rescue or community.

Not sure where to start? Take the Human Animal Support Services: Animal Sheltering Reimagined course on Maddie's University. This self-paced course serves introduces the HASS model, which strives to keep pets and families together with the help of the entire community. The course prepares students for further learning on specific elements of the Human Animal Support Services model.

Use the discussion threads related to each toolkit for questions, comments and feedback

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