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Strategies to Better Manage Free-Roaming Cat Populations - ACC&D 

02-06-2022 08:27 PM

An ACC&D-convened interdisciplinary team recently published the manuscript "Guidance for management of free-roaming cats: a bioeconomic analysis" in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. Using computer modeling, it compares different interventions, both TNR and lethal management, over 10 years of effort. Results make a strong case for high intensity TNR achieving 75% sterilization early and maintaining it, as a cost-effective approach.

 Are you needing to justify your programs to policy makers?  How does what you are doing measure up to these results?

The team also created a companion guidance document (attached here) designed for those who seek practical take-aways from the modeling without all its technical background. Check out key findings and resulting recommendations and guidelines. You can learn more on ACC&D's website.


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