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Home To Home Pet Placement Platform for owners 

01-30-2023 01:56 PM

Home To Home™ is an online interactive pet placement platform that helps pet owners find new homes (permanent or temporary) for their pets. 


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02-09-2023 02:14 PM

@Mandy Evans Does anyone tell them any pointers on rehoming and what to look for in a new home such as asking about shots, hw prevention,  being an inside dog if they already have a dog and that they should visit the persons home to see if they really live where they say they do etc.

02-07-2023 12:46 PM

@Sandy Cole  Home To Home doesn't have a verification process. This is the responsibility of the pet parents who are seeking a new home. They speak to potential adopters and determine if they feel comfortable giving their pets to them. We find they make fantastic decisions for their pets. ​

02-07-2023 12:32 PM

@Mandy Evans what kind of checking do you do to assure the pet goes to a good home that will take to vet and keep safe?

02-04-2023 06:32 AM

@Sandy Cole Essentially, yes. Home To Home (HH) allows people to post their pets for rehoming or if they are seeking temporary fostering. Anyone can use the site and post any legal pet for free if pets are posted and not directly associated with a participating animal welfare organization, their pet profile is sent to our team at HH. We review the post and approve it.

There are benefits for an animal welfare group having its own Home To Home program (website).

1. You receive your custom URL and branded Home To Home page.
2. Offering "your" rehoming program allows the community to feel you are helping them even if you cannot take their pet into your care center/shelter.
3. You know the resources available in your community, so when reviewing posts, you may be able to offer resources that help keep a pet with their family.
4. Tying your HH program in with your adoption team. We offer an iframe for your website so you can post your HH animals on your website, allowing people to find their perfect match in your shelter or in a home. The more promotion of the HH pets, the less chance they will come to you.
5. Your team can see and pull reports for your organization to see how your program works for you. Plus, this data can help with grants to show your work to support your community outside the four walls of your building. 
6. Storytelling; the stories from your program can assist with sharing your impact with donors and community partners.

If time and financial resources are a challenge for your group, offering the main can be a great benefit to your community and help your group offer an additional tool to your community.

02-03-2023 05:09 PM

@Mandy Evans So are you saying if a rescue group got a website and managed their program, essentially they would be doing what you are doing.   They would be helping someone rehome their dog same as you would?

02-01-2023 10:02 AM

Hey guys, my name is Kaycey and I manage our Home to Home program here at Greenville County Animal Care. We have been using this program since August 2020 and have had great success with it. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have on both here or directly through email. My email is

02-01-2023 09:42 AM


Home To Home would be a great option. Animal Welfare organizations can be partner organizations which means they receive a branded website and manage their own program (i.e. approving pets and working directly with their community), or they can simply refer people to We, at headquarters, approve the pets and post them.

01-31-2023 05:37 PM

I volunteer with a group that does outreaches to poor areas of town and sometimes we come across people needing to rehome their dog and the shelter is full and the rescue we volunteer with, besides the outreach group, is full.    if we could provide these people with a link to Home to Home maybe they will not let the dog off somewhere to be a stray or something.

01-31-2023 04:33 PM

@Edward Boks - here are some of our shelter partners you can reach out to: 

- Greenville County Animal Care
- Wisconsin Humane
- Seattle Humane
- Valley Humane Society

@Sandy Cole
Studies show that charging fees do not result in positive outcomes for pets; quality conversations do. Through Home To Home's process, people get to know the person they are entrusting with their pet, and they determine what factors dictate the best home.

Home To Home has been helping pet parents transition their pets into new homes for over seven years. We work with 120 direct shelter partners and have another approx. 200 shelter's that refer the program to their community. 

We're happy to talk about it...reach out to if interested.  

01-31-2023 08:41 AM

Anyone using this program willing to share feedback?

01-30-2023 06:14 PM

I had not heard of this program.  I looked it over and am not fond that there is no fee charged.  Why is this?

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