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Job Opportunity - Registered Veterinary Technician at Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation 

12-20-2021 03:28 PM

Job Opportunity - Registered Veterinary Technician at Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation

Do you want to work for a place where you make a difference in animals lives while working with the best team in veterinary medicine.if so then look no more. ARF is hiring for a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). Please read on for more info about the role. We are interested in speaking with you. We offer full time RVTs a scrub allowance and a continuing education allowance. ARF has a beautiful campus that serves not only as a clinic but also as a resource to the community in many ways including adoptions, supporting veterans and those experiencing financial difficulty in caring for their pet. Although you must apply online, if you are interested in the role, you may reach out directly to

Position Summary:

Provides high quality medical care to animals, and leads veterinary assistants in delivery of medical services to ARF shelter guests and animals belonging to members of the public in support of all ARF programs. Assists veterinarians with public spay/neuters, both mobile and on site at ARF, examinations and medical procedures. Facilitates and executes procedures prescribed by the doctor.

Principal Duties:

  • Under the supervision of a veterinarian, administer anesthesia, apply bandages, perform dental extractions, and suture existing skin incisions.
  • Administer first aid treatments and medications to sick and injured animals as directed by the veterinarians as well as providing water and proper diet for all animals under veterinary care.
  • Check the general health of animals being admitted and to assist in the vaccination and treatment of animals.
  • Perform venipuncture and laboratory tests.
  • Monitor the conditions of all animals housed at ARF, notifying the veterinarian of any conditions which might warrant his/her attention.
  • Under the supervision of a veterinarian, prepare patients for surgery and assist in surgery.
  • Assist veterinarians in examining, handling and treating patients.
  • Handle all animals humanely, properly and with compassion, including those that may be sick or injured. Experience in caring for and handling animals in a safe, effective and humane manner, especially larger and possibly untrained pets.
  • Maintain patient records by accurately recording treatments and test results on patient charts and other medical records. Well-organized, with the ability to do accurate work with great attention to detail.
  • Admit and release animals from the department in a responsive, courteous and tactful manner and inform the client of any pertinent medical information on the animal's care; assist with invoicing clients upon release of the animals.
  • Assist in maintaining healthy, safe, sanitary, pleasant and clean facilities, both mobile and on site, for the animals under the care of the Veterinary Clinic at all times.
  • Assist ARF personnel whenever necessary to assure smooth, courteous handling of the public and their pets.
  • Assist as needed, in the maintenance and inventory of the Clinic pharmacy, and supplies.
  • Follow established procedures governing safe work practices including, but not limited to, wearing protective clothing and/or equipment when necessary. Must attend all designated safety training sessions and read all safety literature handouts.
  • Perform duties independently with minimal or no direct supervision. Perform duties in a manner which encourages attainment of goals, contributions and business for ARF programs.
  • Perform euthanasia of animals who are sick or who do not meet ARFs medical or behavioral adoption criteria according to established matrices under the direction of the veterinarian; training will be provided.
  • Data entry of treatments for ARF shelter guests.
  • Always promote a humane and caring attitude toward all animals.
  • Always treat people and animals with respect, contribute to effective teamwork, promote intra- and inter-departmental cooperation and foster public relations beneficial to ARF and its programs.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all information.
  • Comply with all Federal, State and local safety regulations and laws, as well as ARF policies and guidelines. Follow established procedures governing safe work practices; and perform duties in a manner that assures the safety of oneself and others.
  • Promote teamwork, communication, and cooperation with all other departments.
  • Drive ARF vehicles as assigned by supervisor.
  • Follow safe driving practices, obeying all traffic laws at all times when driving for ARF business purposes.
  • Provide after-hours support to ARFs foster families via the stand by ARF phone. Will occasionally be assigned to carry an after-hours phone for a week at a time.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


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