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Job Opportunity - Shelter and Community Veterinarian 

12-22-2021 12:26 PM

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  This is a technical position with responsibility for planning and implementing the shelter and community veterinary medicine procedures and policies for the City of Rochester, such as: spay/neuter program, vaccination protocols, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, treatment protocols for sick and injured animals, and external-facing community veterinary care.  General direction is received from the Director of Animal Services with regard to department vision, policies, and priorities.  Wide latitude is allowed in the use of independent judgment in the performance of duties particularly in development of veterinary care procedures and processes.  Related work is performed as required.



Directs, coordinates, and performs the screening, diagnosis, and basic and emergency medical

            treatment of all animals harbored at the shelter plus owned pets and community cats through the City’s community veterinary care program;

Performs or oversees the visual monitoring of sheltered animals, including those that may be

            isolated or quarantined for signs of illness or unusual behavior;

Makes recommendations on disease control, sanitation, and clinic procedures and

veterinary equipment and supplies;

Maintains the records to track the care and condition of animals;

Administers or trains and oversees appropriate staff in administering first aid and vaccinations to

            animals, the performance of euthanasia, and other paramedical duties;

Performs euthanasia for chronically ill or injured animals in absence of euthanasia technicians;

Works, communicates, and interacts professionally with administrative staff, facility volunteers, foster care

            volunteers, animal care technicians, animal services officers, cruelty investigators, and

with the local veterinary community;

Recommends transfer of animals to veterinary hospitals and emergency care facilities;

Performs high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter surgeries, including pediatric surgeries, for shelter animals,  owned pets, and community cats;

Provides post-operative care as necessary;

Assists with adoption approvals and in treatment as related to foster care;
Assists with on-site training and supervision of veterinary technicians, animal care technicians, animal services officers, and other employees, interns, and volunteers;

Assesses veterinary equipment and supply needs and assists with inventory and purchasing;

Assists with media and public relations efforts in promotion of the organization;

Serves on the management team to collaborate on decisions regarding policies, work plans, tactics, and workplace values and culture;

Communicates and follows safety and hazard procedures;

Ensures that employees participate in a comprehensive disease prevention program.

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