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Video: What To Do FIRST To Set Your New (Foster or Adopted) Dog Up For Success - Safe Harbor Farm K9 

04-26-2022 12:52 PM

Like a first grader entering a classroom for the first time, any dog entering a new location for the first time wants and needs to know:
     - what is expected of him;
     - where he can go;
     - who he can trust;
     - who he should follow, and
     - what he should do, to get his needs met.

When what we do answers these questions for a dog in the first 30  minutes that we're together, the dog is set up for success, as opposed to an element of stress. Because we've always thought that seeing new locations through the eyes of our dogs was important, we put together the attached video for new foster homes and new adopters. Feel free to share it with others.

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