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Community Cat Tracking w/Google Sheets & Google Maps - RVSPCA 

01-24-2023 05:51 AM

I also use Google sheets - and we use Google My Map - to track our cat colonies. Both are free. Google sheets has each cat's details (male/female, location from, etc) and Google My Map has colony locations/# TNR'ed/Status. 

Highly recommend Google My Map - makes it VERY easy to plug in new locations that come up and see if (1) we've already been there, (2) we have contacts in that area, and (3) if we can work on multiple locations at once since they are close together!

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02-07-2023 12:33 PM

@Lisa Spence-Bunnett I primarily use the Google My Map for seeing where new requests are coming from and if we're already working in the area. If I was going to present it to someone, I would take a screenshot since all the caretakers' personal information is included on the map pins.

02-02-2023 02:30 AM

Hi, Erin, thanks for this idea.  I have not used Google MyMap before, so this is new to me.  Question:  do you use this format (i.e. a map showing your colonies) to introduce people to the scope of your work, and/or to present to groups when you are doing development/fund-raising work?  If you do either of those, do you show your map directly in Google MyMap (say, as part of a presentation), or do you download/present it in some other way?

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