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Kennel Whiteboards for tracking dog info & enrichment 

10-02-2020 07:50 AM

We just recently got our new new white boards up and going, as our volunteers are finally returning to the shelter on a limited basis. It will work hand-in-hand with a Behavior Binder where details can be documented on behavior changes, both good and not so good. It's magnetic so I can change things around easily, as needed. 

It's 7 days of information, at a glance. This is when I first made it.  

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11-28-2022 11:37 AM

@Kayla Dorney Good mornig Kayla.
Our K9 Volunteers only initial. We are small and our volunteer base is rebuilding as we lost a lot due to the shutdowns. 

The goal is to work with a many dogs each week so handling on a daily basis by at least 1 volunteer daily is the goal.

We are fortunate to have 4 large play yards & 2 small covered 8x10 covered spaces for fence climbers & and 2 separate ones on concrete for puppies and small dogs. All of our dogs get daily yard time for at least 2-3 hours, unless the weather is really bad. We also have a large "agility yard" away from our chaotic kennel buildings that Volunteers utilize.

Our volunteers are pretty good at making notes on the board.  Staff does not initial but the do make notes as needed for communication.  

Hope this helps!

11-25-2022 05:42 AM

Hi Ann, I know this is an old post, but for some reason it came up for me. I'm wondering how you utilize the board. For instance, when dogs are receiving the recommended outing, do volunteers/staff initial or incorporate a time of day?

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